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During Her Conversation With Krogstad What Last Resort

Ibsen’s 1879 play, “A Doll’s House,” portrays a dynamic character, Nils Krogstad, as a man in conflict with society. On the one hand, he wants to make up for his previously shady behavior. On the other, he constantly meets pressures to return to his illegal activities. Because this one character, more than any other, creates […]

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A Doll’s House- The Emancipation of a Woman

A review of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”. In reading Ibsen’s A Doll’s House today, one may find it hard to imagine how daring it seemed at the time it was written one hundred years ago. Its theme, the emancipation of a woman, makes it seem almost contemporary. In Act I, there are many clues that […]

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A Doll’s House

Contrasting the straight forward realist drama style of “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen with the epistolary novel style of “So Long a Letter” by Mariama Ba in revealing the inner feelings and thoughts of the characters in their stories. Abstract Depicting the inner world of characters and their emotional state is one of the […]

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Henrik Ibsen – A Doll’s House – Plot

It is Christmas evening, and Nora Helmer has just arrived from Christmas shopping. She has a conversation with her husband Torvald that shows that he likes to act as being superior (while Nora obeys) and that for long they have had to struggle to save money, but now Torvald is promoted and they are going […]

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Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

Over time in countries like Canada women have fought for their own rights to gain an equal position in a traditional male-dominating society. As a result, the role of males and females has gradually become more equal. Female characters from older pieces of literature such as Medea in Euripides’ play, The Medea, and Nora and […]

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“A Doll’s House” in New York

An initial crucial step in the set is to initially choose which stage configuration to choose; there are four types according to Brockett (284): Proscenium Theatre, Thrust Stage, Arena Stage and Flexible Stage. The most common type is Proscenium Theatre where the stage is set on one side and the audience on another. This shows […]

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