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Introducing a New Cell Phone to the Market

The global mobile phone market is huge. Cell phones, as technology innovations, have become daily necessities instead of just artifacts of status symbol. The successful global expansion of many cell phone manufacturers into new markets made the mobile phone industry a fast growing venture. By the end of 2008, 1. 18 billion mobile phone units […]

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The Joy of Ethics in the Cell Phone Industry

For some unknown and unexplained reasons, we witness how several items in the market seem to defy logic with their pricing schemes. In most cases, these schemes seem to suggest to the buying public of the company’s preference for them to purchase new units instead of opting for parts that would lengthen the product’s life […]

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Child Wants Cell Phone-Marketing

The product that is being features in the article is basically a cell phone categorized in electronics as a product. It can be categorized as a product from the electronic industry also. The buying procedure of this product is highly dependent on the target market of the product. According to the article the target market […]

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