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How did the Cold War shape American economic recovery during the 1950s?

How did the Cold War shape American economic recovery during the 1950s? Introduction: Cold War was a period after the Second World War which extended for over forty year after the war. The protagonists of the war were the United States and the Soviet Union. As the name suggests, the two superpowers avoided direct confrontations […]

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Cold War vs United States

A paper which argues that with the downfall of the Soviet regime, the United States is the only real peace-keeper in the world. Cold War vs. United States The Cold War ended in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell apart. Since then, Russia’s economy paralyzed, and the United States is three trillion dollars in debt, […]

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Cold War

The biggest difference between cultural industries or the media and other industries, is that while conventional industries produce goods that are tangible, media industries produce goods that are both tangible as well as intangible. Media industries can be seen as providing food for thought. Many common features are found in both industries. The idea of […]

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The Cold War

These points illustrate that whilst there are a great many potential benefits from a democratised world, there exist some potential issues that must be successfully addressed for the citizens of both newly democratised and Western states to benefit. It is both inevitable and important to question the morality of one state intervening in the internal […]

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The Cold War era

King Philip of Macedon is credited with the development of siegecraft, employing battering rams, towers and catapults to capture walled cities. Alexander the Great and later, the Romans, improved on this system (Gabriel). The Romans under the general Flavius Silva employed siegecraft to crush the Zealots entrenched at the supposedly impregnable fortress of Masada: they […]

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Containment (Cold War)

Containment was a policy used by the Americans used stop the spread of Communism and communist expansion through military, political and economic means. Specifically in the Cold War era, the U. S. implemented this policy through the Truman Doctrine and the founding of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Another factor of the containment policy was […]

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