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This pool of essay examples on Decision Making offers students a number of well-written sample essays. You can use them as a template and draw ideas for writing your own ones. Make sure you get all you can from our Decision Making essays chosen by our team.

Employee Involvement in Decision Making

Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Employee involvement is not the goal nor is it a tool, as practiced in many company. Employee involvement is a management and leadership style about how people are enabled to contribute to continuous improvement and […]

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Group Decision Making

Development on the other hand is define as “gradual advancement through progressive stages of growth from within” Hornby (1974). Note that this gradual advancement should occur within a group. Training and development among the team should be based on issues like: problem solving, communication, negotiation skills, conflict-resolution skills, and group processing skills. For example, training […]

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Strategic Decision Making

The marketing team has insisted that in order to position its products in the market place and maintain a leadership position in its products, it must first launch the refrigerated pasta and pizza in an effort to obtain the support of a more broad consumer base (http://www. quickmba. com/marketing/ries-trout/positioning/). These items would draw the attention […]

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Finance for Strategic Decision Making

Finance for Strategic Decision Making offers managers in practically all levels of management a surprisingly simple approach to demystify the technicalities and inherent strange language that non-finance decision makers often encounter to get through the riddle of financial complexities in drawing business decisions. Today, managers from all disciplines are forced to take the painful tasks […]

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Accounting for Decision Making

This paper seeks to analyze and discuss the financial statements of Pratt Ltd. (or Pratt) and Dana Ltd (or Dana), which are leading manufacturers and marketers of apparel, home furnishings and camping goods, in terms of analyzing their financial ratios and industry averages. The result of the analysis would be used for giving advice to […]

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Financial Decision Making

In an economy the most important decision to be taken by an investor is to decide in which business he should invest his money so that he can grow and secure his money in shortest possible time. In uncertain situations due to lack of proper strategic business planning many companies have faced crucial problems ultimately […]

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Entrepreneurial Decision Making – Financial Case

The financial information presented in the case forms the basis for my recommendation: I would buy this company. The company’s financial position has dipped in the year 2007 but however the composition of the costs of selling and operating the business have favorable ratios that support the decision to buy the company. The net income […]

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Decision Making

Commonly, in the course of developing the administrative process and effectivity of the company, manager’s personal evaluation are being consider in the approach of analyzing the ability and performance of each personnel. This concept is mainly because of the assumption and the common view that the manager knows critically the ability and performance of each […]

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Decision Making Case Study Analysis

Decision Making Case Study Analysis The role of political concerns in decision making is worthy to be analyzed since it could give an impact in the whole political system of a given community. Political concerns are those problems that apparently give challenges for political leaders to resolve. Political concerns are the basis of decision making […]

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Economic Decision Making

The principle that people are rational implies that rational people use every resource available to them as they work on achieving their goals, (Hubbard, G. And O’Brien, A. , 2010). This principle also implies that rational people will look at the costs and benefits associated with their actions before they make a decision. This principle […]

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Risk and Uncertainity in the Decision Making

RISK AND UNCERTAINITY IN THE DECISION MAKING 1. Introduction Risk is everywhere. It is not hard to find risk. In almost every thing that we do and situations we face, there is a corresponding risk behind it. However, we cannot just run from it. All we can do to move forward is to manage this […]

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Consumer Decision Making on High Involvement Products(Hatchback Car)”

A project report On “Consumer Decision Making on High Involvement Products(Hatchback Car)” INDEX Chapter-1 Introduction Chapter-2 Research Methodology Chapter-3 Data Analysis & Intrepretation Chapter-4 Conclusion Chapter-2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research […]

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Decision Making Process

Decision-making can sometimes be a hard task to complete. When making some decisions it may take you seconds or days. So to not make hasty decisions it is best to make sure you think your decisions out and make sure you are making the right decision. When it comes to that point in your life […]

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Decision Making Process and the Various Types of Decisions (with Examples)

Described as the though process of selecting a logical choice from the available options, decisions and their making processes are fundamental to effective management. A wrong decision is as essential to the management process as a right decision since the errors provide a learning experience that leads to the making the right decision. Simplified, decision […]

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Generic vs Exceptional Decision Making

Lussier & Achua (2004) insisted that leadership was a procedure that not only influenced employees, but leaders as well, to accomplish the goals of the organization through change. Lussier in his book he explained about various types of leadership styles such as Transformational, Transactional, laissez-faire and charismatic. Lussier clearly explains the differences between all the […]

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