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Mobile Games

In June 2003, an executive team with considerable experience in Java technology-based mobile applications decided to go out on their own. They founded Movilenio Servicios S. L in Valencia, Spain, to pursue their goal designing and developing mobile applications. The company has since relocated to Madrid, and its titles now included both mobile games and […]

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Film Documentary Analysis: From Vancouver to Isfahan, and Curious Journey

‘From Vancouver to Isfahan’ is an Iranian documentary about an Iranian young man who ten years after living in Canada visits his motherland in Isfahan, the third largest city in Iran after ‘Tehran’ and ‘Mashhad’. The documentary is in two parts and in Farsi (Persian) language made in 2010. It was mad by ‘Ardeshir Ahmadi’, […]

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Ethics: Selling Violent Video Games

1. Should Barry recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTA:Vice City? Yes, Barry should recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTA:Vice City. There are many games on the market and movies that have portrayed snipers shooting people. Barry has a responsibility to the stockholders to release the game on […]

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Using Knowledge and Evidence Based Practice

“Hydrocephalus” and the use of shunt for treatment is the focus of case study given. Infection control when placing a foreign body in a patient in surgical procedures is the focus of this essay. There a lot of challenges unique to every area when controlling infection. Areas like the patients’ transfers between wards and teams, […]

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