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This database of Fathers essays containing numerous ideas and materials will serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for writing your own papers. Scroll down Fathers topics and learn some of the best practices of academic writing.

Archtypical Fathers

A discussion of whether the outlook and actions of William Shakespeare’s King Henry IV and Wyndham’s Joseph Strorm suggest characters who do not match the mould of the archetypical ideal father. An ideal father is one who is both caring and understanding. To fit this mould, one must express these characteristics. The outlook and actions […]

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Fathers and Daughters

William Shakespeare’s play of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was set during the Elizabethan times, in a patriarchal society. A patriarchal society was a society which meant that a man or a father would have the absolute rule and power throughout his home and family and that women were subservient to men. Girls were also considered to […]

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