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This pool of essay examples on Geography offers students a number of well-written sample essays. You can use them as a template and draw ideas for writing your own ones. Make sure you get all you can from our Geography essays chosen by our team.

Geography Of The United Arab Emirates Environmental Sciences Essay

The united Arab emirates, which lies in the sou’-east of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, is a brotherhood of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. It is situated in Asia and is bordered by the Arabian Gulf from the North, Omman from the E, Sudi Arabia from […]

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Geography And Culture Of Panama Cultural Studies Essay

Full state name: Republic of Panama Area: 78,000 sq kilometer ( 30,420 sq myocardial infarction ) Population: 2,611,000 ( growing rate 2 % ) Capital metropolis: Panama City ( pop 610,000 ) Peoples: 62 % ladino, 14 % African descent, 10 % Spanish descent, 5 % mulatto, 5 % Indian Language: Spanish, English and Indian […]

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Tension Between Proximity And Distance Of Landscapes Geography Essay

Generalization has arisen as a consequence. This is the position that the universe that surrounds us can ne’er be studied or modelled, or represented in all of its full item and complexness. Perceptibly, graduated table is of great importance due its effects for the grade to which geographic thoughts are generalized. Generalization is in consequence […]

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The Effects of Geography on Recycling Participation Rates

EFFECTS OF GEOGRAPHICS AND RECYCLING 1 Effects of Geographic Location and Recycling Participation. EFFECTS OF GEOGRAPHICS AND RECYCLING Abstract Research was conducted to determine if recycling participation is affected based on where an individual lives and/or where they grew up. Many psychological and sociological studies have looked into the human behavior of recycling; what drives […]

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The dictionary of Human Geography

“The concept of diaspora… disrupts and unsettles our hitherto settled conceptions of culture, place and identity”(Hall 1995:207) Explain and discuss. Use examples to illustrate your answer. This essay shall, as stated above, explain and discuss Hall’s 1995 quote “The concept of diaspora… disrupts and unsettles our hitherto settled conceptions of culture, place and identity”; examples […]

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Geography methodology

To identify how busy different parts of the city centre are. So we can see which areas and times are busiest in the city centre. Twelve sites have been chosen at 100m intervals from the city centre. People were counted for 5 minutes at different times of the day. (See methodology map). Questionnaire (individual method). […]

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Geography Investigation

For my geography coursework, my study site for my investigation was in Swanage. Swanage is a small town in the south east of Dorset, which is also located in the south-west of England. Dorset is surrounded by Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. It is situated at the eastern end of the Isle of Purbeck, which […]

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Geography River Coursework

My aim in this coursework is to investigate the following hypothesis, number 1- the characteristics of the River Pang change with distance from the source, and number 2- the characteristics of the river will be negatively affected by the planned housing development. To investigate hypothesis 1 we visited 2 sites along the river Pang: Bucklebury […]

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Geography Field Study River Investigation Coursework

ims * To investigate what patterns the river Allt Doire Nan Eun shows for wet water depth, water velocity and pH in its three courses. * To investigate whether the river shows textbook characteristics for erosion and deposition in a river channel. * To investigate how rock roundness and moss coverage changes downstream and at […]

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Geography and history of Haiti

A study of the island nation Haiti, including it’s geography and history. “Haiti Geographical Information: The independent republic of Haiti consists of the western third of the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean. Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic. Covering a total area of 10,714 square miles, Haiti has […]

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Geography Coursework: Somerset

Somerset is in the South West of England. It is very close to Wales that if you are standing on a hill, then you can faintly see it. There are many different industries in Somerset like farming and agriculture, air control, home and garden, reclamation and wood working. The main places are Bridge water, Minehead, […]

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The Geography of Travel and Tourism – Summative Assignment

Djibouti is a late 19th century city with a distinctly Arabic feel. It boarders the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea between Eritrea and Somalia with a total area coverage of 23,000 sq km. Attractions include the lively central market (Le Marche Central) which is located near the Mosque, and many local bars and […]

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Geography Coursework: The river Cray

As part of my GCSE coursework I aim to study the river Cray and see whether the river actually follows a natural path of a conventional river which is in a text book. The river Cray is situated in the south east of London, the source of the river is at a place called St. […]

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