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Learn Spanish and Open Up a Whole New World of Spanish Humor

Well, yes, there is some work involved in learning Spanish, but there is a lot of fun too! For example, if you enjoy humor in English, when you learn Spanish you will be able to enjoy three kinds of humor: in English, in Spanish, and in “Spanglish”! Spanglish is a crossover combination of the two […]

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Humor should be a School Subject

Not every person is born with appropriate, intellectual humor. Unfortunately, most of weren’t that lucky, and I believe everyone should deserve another chance. For what better way of acquiring the knowledge of good humor, then learning it at a young age in school. For if the purpose of school is to teach students with knowledge […]

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Humor in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

An examination of the use of humor in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Shakespeare uses many ways to portray humor and make his plays a success because of it. He created a careful mix of love with humor to create a success called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The focus of this paper is to describe […]

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The Effects of Humor and Incongruence on Word Recall

Figure 1 presents the average number of italicized words correctly recalled when they were presented in the form of humorous versus non-humorous sentences and as a function of the type of image. Looking at the pattern of results displayed in Figure 1, it appears that italicized words, in general, were better recalled when presented in […]

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