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These essay samples on Jesus are selected by our team as the most deeply researched and thus useful ones. Each day, we add new Jesus essays to our collection. They feature not only the necessary facts and most common pros and cons but also are written well and interesting to read and get inspired.

The birth of Jesus

The birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies which were prophesied and written hundreds of years earlier. Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” The fulfillment of this prophecy occurred when the virgin […]

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Jesus and the Anorexic Suicidal Supermodels

A discussion of how Christian ideology can help troubled youth. The family unit is one of the most cherished institutions of American society. Its function is one of philanthropy, to raise America’s children in accordance with our accepted norms and various proscriptions and prescriptions. However, rising teenage pregnancy and juvenile crime seem to indicate that […]

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It is not possible to be a disciple to-day in the way Jesus intended

“It is not possible to be a disciple to-day in the way Jesus intended.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more that one point of view. I would agree with this statement because there are a lot of distractions that restrict people from performing the way Jesus had […]

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“Jesus was a good man and a good teacher but nothing more.”

Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer to show that you have considered more than one point of view. Refer to Christianity in your answer. I believe Jesus was presented as a good man, but also a lot more. Jesus performed miracles, healed the ill, stripped people of demons and brought about Christianity. In […]

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Jesus was more interested

If the bible it to be taken literally than one crucial question arises in the New Testament. Then why did Jesus, son of God leave the splendour, holiness and perfection of heaven to come sinful mound that is earth. There are two probable answers, either he came to teach morals and belief or he came […]

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When Jesus Came

In the book, When Jesus Came, The Corn Mothers Went Away, Ramon Gutierrez writes of the social history and the theme of marriage practices of colonial New Mexico, beginning with the evening before the Spanish invasion (1500) and ending with the U. S. invasion in1846. The book is actually divided into three sections. In the […]

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When Jesus Came to Harvard

There have been many religious and historical figures over the years and over the centuries that people often still look to for guidance in their every day lives Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are often quoted in modern times; however, Jesus seems to be a religious figure that people still look to for strength […]

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