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Here is a collection of materials and Masculinity ideas you can use as a source for writing your own papers. Have a look at a great variety of Masculinity essay examples and choose what you need! This for sure will help you beat procrastination and start writing an essay.

Masculinity and Feminity in “Miguel Street”

This paper analyzes V.S. Naipaul’s novel “Miguel Street”, focusing on the themes of masculinity and feminity evident in the book. Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Miguel Street It has been said about V.S. Naipaul’s novel Miguel Street that “One of the recurrent themes… is the ideal of manliness” (Kelly 19). To help put into […]

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Masculinity and femininity

Masculinity and femininity are portrayed not as fixed attributes bestowed by nature as part of an integrated stable personality, but as behaviours that can be performed. Medea and another character of Euripides’ Helen “perform” femininity in order to deceive unwitting males. Iphigenia is transformed from a shy bride into a hero who physical and moral […]

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Men, Masculinity and the Rape Culture

1. The main issue that Jackson Katz explores in the video Tough Guise is the crisis in masculinity. Jackson Katz defines the crisis in masculinity as how guys are now characterizing the modern day “tough guy. ” To be tough many men in the video used adjectives such as; respected, tough, and muscular as words […]

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