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Eastern Europe

Many women asked why they should not be able to participate as actively as men did. Their frustrations were heightened by the knowledge that even if they were highly skilled, it would be extremely difficult for them to remain active members of the scientific workforce. This was due to the fact that a) they would […]

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Memories – Creative writing

Mr Bentley, Katherine’s mum’s solicitor started to read the will, but the words that he was saying didn’t seem to sink in. Her mind was wandering; over memories of her mum, her childhood, her mum’s disability. When Mr Bentley said something from the will that seemed to bring Katherine to her senses, it was about […]

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Childhood Memories

Whenever I remember the small village that I was once part of I always remember blue skies and hot days. I spent the majority of my childhood in a small village along the coast of Italy. Strangely, we all spoke English but were taught Italian. If we ever travelled into other towns my mother would […]

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Memories of a personal event

The door slammed shut. I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to either. A nearby shadow gradually transformed into my dad, who walked into the kitchen. Dad was holding his breath as if to try and prevent the three small words which would […]

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Lasagna and its Memories & Emotions That Go With It

“I’ll tell you what we don’t eat on the Fourth of July. French toast, Asian food, Lasagna. Are you spotting a pattern here?” This is a known quote by Harry Blazer, one that I dislike. I believe Lasagna should be eaten every holiday. It is my favorite dish because I love the memories it brings […]

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My First Memories

“Come on! Hurry up you’re going to be on any minute!” She yelled as she belted down the corridor holding my hand and somebody else’s. I remember being dragged along like a child’s limp rag-doll, bounding side to side. I was ushered into the darkened, suffocating hall filled with row upon row of chairs, where […]

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Distant Memories

My mother’s worst nightmare must be bath times. There’s Mags, Lenny and Me and we all hate the water. We find that water is like a blanket, that covers you with itself, but it gives little safety from monsters and ghouls. In fact I am much more scared of the water than the monsters and […]

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Our Memories

Our memories are they key of our lives, the good and the bad both make you what you are and who you are. There are happy memories for example: your first kiss or that day that you had fun with your family and your first dog. Although along with good there is bad, which means […]

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