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Are There Really Any Free Movies Online?

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the term free movies online? For most people they are going to think of a few things, possibly something that is illegal or something that they want to try and find. This is something that most people either really want to try and […]

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Find Information on the Latest Bollywood Movies Online

Interested in latest Bollywood movies? Who doesn’t want to know about the juicy link ups of their favorite Bollywood stars? Which is the next movie of your favorite star coming soon? Which movies are making rounds? Whether you are looking for latest Bollywood news, or bollywood celebrity news, or latest Bollywood gossip, or Bollywood wallpaper […]

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Exploitation Movies: Bikers, Babes, And Slashers

People inside the movie business call them exploitation movies; more recently, from the perspective of the fans, they’ve taken on the moniker «psychotronic» or «cult» movies. But whatever you call them, these pictures — biker movies, slasher films, prison (especially women’s prison movies), and sleazy dramas — were for many years the unseen iceberg in […]

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Romeo and Juliet Movies

I find that both of the Romeo and Juliet movies tell a similar, but different portrayal of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The 1968 movie is what I believe to be much more historically accurate. The first movie’s setting was in Verona in the 1500’s. The second movie’s setting was Verona Beach in modern times. […]

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Why Do People Like Scarry Movies

For years people have been scared by horror movies and they continue going back. Alfred Hitchcock once said, “drama is life with the dull bits left out. ” Why do people like to watch other people get hurt and die while being scared enough to make them jerk in their seat? Movie goers like horror […]

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Three Movies

This paper is a critical review of the movies “Trainspotting”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and”Jurassic Park”. Trainspotting Trainspotting is a drop-dead look at a dead-end lifestyle. Set among the junkies and thugs of Edinburgh’s slums and made by (director Danny Boyle, writer John Hodge, producer Andrew Macdonald) that created “Shallow Grave,” “Trainspotting” caused a sensation […]

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Korean Movies

Kim Ki-duk’s Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring is in every way a visually magnificent and spiritually contemplating piece of work. It demonstrates the essential principles of Buddhism by structuring the monk’s journey through the seasonal metaphor. Despite the small settings (the scenes are entirely confined to the Jusan pond in Korea), the film discusses, or […]

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