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Jogging Nutrition

It is difficult for us to find out runner’s special hobby. Different people have different jogging nutrition ways. Every April, approximately three thousand people attend Boston marathon race. I bet that their jogging ways are not the same. People will create some new eating hobbies. But it is said that one kind of eating way […]

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Desi Ghee: Clarified Butter A Nutritional Delicacy

Desi Ghee: Clarified Butter A Nutritional Delicacy Clarified butter is rendered milk fat which is obtained from butter and by separating the milk solids and liquids. In other words it is obtained by melting butter and heating it for a period of time causing the water to evaporate away allowing different components to separate out […]

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Elderly Nutrition

Introduction Throughout the last decade and into the current century the older population will continue expand in size and diversity. Individual older people differ greatly from one another in their nutrient requirements and need for nutrition services. The aging individual in good health who exercises regularly and takes few medications may have nutrient requirements that […]

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Nutrition Guidelines

Project Option Two: Busy Salesperson 1. A description of your client’s age, gender, weight, height, and typical daily physical activity. * My Client is (The “Gamer,” Busy Salesperson, or Marathon Runner): * Age: 23 * Gender: Female * Weight: 125 * Height: 5’4 * 2. An analysis of your client’s body composition, including calculated body […]

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Nutrition Education

Back in the days, the standard of ‘beauty and wealth’ was person who was over-weighted, since people generally thought wealthy and high class people lavishly ate well. Nevertheless, people saw in a new light as time goes by; the symbol and the standard of ‘beauty and wealth’ was no longer over-weighted person. Instead it was […]

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Nutritional value in eggs

Eggs contain a good source of HBV (high biological value) proteins. Proteins are necessary for growth, maintenance and repair. This protein comes from animal sources. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, iron and phosphorous. Eggs are also yolk-rich source of Vitamin A, D and B (little or no C). Egg yolks are known to […]

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Nutrition Portfolio Assignment

The three things I have learned from this class are the different classifications of vitamins (fat and water-soluble) and the importance of each vitamin. This course enabled me to learn about the energy nutrients; Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein, and Alcohol. Although, alcohol isn’t considered to be a nutrient because it interferes with the body’s growth, maintenance, […]

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Nutrition for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus

Nutrition for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus: This Discussion Board topic focuses on the relationship between nutrition and cardiovascular disease (most notably hypertension), and between nutrition and diabetes. As a nurse, you may be providing care to clients who are at risk or have already been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease and/or Diabetes Mellitus. […]

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