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Equal Employment Opportunity

There are six federal laws that prohibit job discrimination. The U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces each one. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or natural origin. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 protects men and women performing similar job functions from […]

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Equal Opportunity & business organization

Equal Opportunity is a term that has various manifestations and therefore it has different meaning. That is the reason why there are no common definitions of Equal Opportunity (Rabe, 2002).  British Council Equal Opportunity policy defines Equal Opportunity as “treating people fairly and without bias and about creating conditions in the workplace and wider society […]

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Equal Opportunity at Workplace

The workplace environment of the 21st Century is very much different from workplaces decades ago.  There was a time when workers were forced to work for more than eight (8) hours a day without additional compensation.  In some companies, workers were either not given health care benefits by their companies or subjected to harsh and […]

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

On October 11, 2007, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission helped the formation of an Asian American and Pacific Islander Work Group (AAPI Work Group). The AAPI Work Group enforced an executive order that deals with discrimination against AAPI employees. It provides both internal and externa, assistance and aims at promotion of AAPI employees to the highest […]

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Opportunity cost

Professor Russell Cooper of the University of Texas once said that everything comes with a cost, an opportunity cost. According to him, survival of the fittest is still the underlying motto in any market of today’s economy. The situation of the world today relative to the environment reflects just that. Humans have ruled the planet […]

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Opportunity Creation and Leaders

While the business environment of the world especially after recent downturn is frantically seeking ways to create opportunities and to exploit them, the demand of able leadership to convert the opportunities into achievements has never been higher than it is today. This state of affairs points at the importance of appropriate leadership coaching, as that […]

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Opportunity cost and gains for trade

The independent film Rochester Rocks is to be launched by September of 2010 to 15 cities in the U. S. Its intended market is identified as the modern intellectual generation. There is very little budget for a PR plan. An internet-powered PR plan using youtube, blogs and messages boards will be used to reach the […]

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Opportunity Costs

Opportunity cost is very popular in the field of economics and business. Cost alone helps to determine supply. When costs of inputs are known, the firm’s goal becomes clear and that is to maximize earnings given the knowledge about demand for its product and its cost patterns. This means that the cost of production is […]

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Opportunity Cost of Purchasing

For the first example, the opportunity cost of buying a $1000 Pioneer would be buying a $700 Sony and $300 worth CDC. It may seem buying Sony and the CDC is a better options. However, the reason why Pioneer has a higher price than Sony may be that Pioneer stereo has a better quality. So […]

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Application of Opportunity Costs

Application of Opportunity Costs Donald G. Fox Sr. ECON220-1103A-24 Unit 1 IP AIU Online Michelle and James both, produce potatoes and chickens. Michelle can produce 200 potatoes and 50 chickens per year, and James can produce 80 potatoes and 40 chickens per year. What is Michelle’s opportunity cost of producing potatoes? If opportunity costs, is […]

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