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The Dualistic Genesis of Paradise Lost

In The Role of the Reader, Umberto Eco points out that ideological bias can lead a reader to interpretations employing codes not envisaged by the sender. The task, then, is to affirm one’s bias clearly at the beginning, and then infer away. In this paper the Fall of Man in Paradise Lost is filtered and […]

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“Paradise Lost”

A look at Satan in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” Milton’s Satan continues to fascinate critics largely because he is so complex than the Devil of the Christian tradition appears. Satan’s rebelliousness, his seeking of transcendence, his capacity for action, particularly unconventional action, endeared him to certain types of minds, even if their viewpoint might be […]

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Monstrous Philosophy the Modern Prometheus, Paradise Lost, and Victorian Protestant Culture

Though separated by over a century, Mary Shelley and John Milton were philosophical companions, their challenging views considered controversial and heretical in their respective periods. Together they are the most prominent literary voices of the Enlightenment philosophical movement, emphasizing the romantic ideals of human goodness, compassion and free will in stark contrast to the harsh […]

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