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Are We Parents Buying the Marketing Scheme of Retailers?

The marketing geniuses have recently come up with the term “tweens” to define the customer segment composed of young people ages nine to fourteen, or ages eight to twelve. This segment are neither children now teens, but rather in between, thus the term “tweens”. In America, it is estimated that there are at least twenty […]

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Talking to Parents about Child Development

The author explains that children are born to be palpable little scientists that will explore the world through all their senses. They also are programmed to connect with and learn from the people around them. The article separates the child’s Job of full development into five areas: 1 . Making sense of the world: The […]

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Bikers, Emo, Graffiti,. Goths, Hip- Hoppers- Have You Ever Heard These Words, Dear Parents These Are the Youth Subcultures, Which Your Good Children Belong to.

Bikers, Emo, Graffiti,. Goths, Hip- hoppers- Have you ever heard these words, dear parents? These are the youth subcultures, which your good children belong to. Nowadays the life of many young people is influenced by popular culture. The youth follow certain stereotypes that are imposed on them through TV, movies and music. In their lifestyle […]

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When Your Parents Divorce

When Your Parents Divorce Life can be pretty rough after your parents divorce. The hardest time is the first year or two after the divorce, the effects can be long-lasting. Sometimes the effects of a divorce can influence life changing decisions for the children involved. This is just the basics of what happened in my […]

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Parents are always right

In spite of the saying “parents are always right” they are not always right. If you look at the divorce rate it has more then doubled. And they say that it doesn’t hurt the children. If they really look at it, it tares the children apart. There sense of safety is gone, shattered. They are […]

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Parents and the broader community often comment that children

Parents and the broader community often comment that children are not learning anything worthwhile if they “are just playing”. Discuss. Psychologists and educators have attested that play is undeniably part and parcel of life of a growing and developing child from infant through to becoming an adult; even as an adult, play cannot be dismissed from […]

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Advantages of Working Parents

I wouldn’t take anything for my journey now. The courage that a child has may be where your strength comes from. I faced the biggest challenge of my life the week I found out that I had become the mother of a special needs child. The day was bright and cold as any other. Little […]

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Parents Communicate

Today’s children face more diversity than their parents were when they were at the same age. The cultural differences in how the parents deal and communicate with their children around the world are a great challenge. Parent’s involvement in their children’s literacy and communication either in school, home or community will be effective through communication […]

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Parents Make the Best Teacher to Their Children

“Nothing is secure when you become a parent, except the love you have for your children” Dr. Samuel Caddish. As a personal opinion, I would agree on that, parents make the best teachers to their children because they are the ones who begin the whole education, from the first word to the first steps, they […]

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