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Prohibition Coursework

The first source has several annotations that help the observer to understand the circumstances and this helps them to understand what is going on behind the scenes of the saloons and the men that drink in them. The poster has a heading that is ironic and it implies that all the members of the so […]

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Prohibition – source based questions

Question 1 Source A is useful because it gives us a general idea of the spread of prohibition prior to the passing of the 18th amendment to the constitution in 1917 and the Volstead act. This act defined liquor as drink containing 0.5 % of alcohol and prescribed penalties for breaking the law. This act […]

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Prohibition in the United States – source related study

1. Evaluation of source for its utility How useful is Source A as evidence for studying the Spread of Prohibition in the United States? To some extent Source A is very useful when studying the spread of prohibition through America. It does show us the spread of prohibition through the eastern states and manages to […]

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Prohibition movement in America1920-1932

When the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, the supporters of Prohibition believed it would lead to a better America – more moral and successful. In actual fact, Prohibition created many more problems than it was supposed to solve. Illegal alcohol (moonshine and bootleg): moonshine was produced illegally by individuals. This can lead to […]

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