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The Gold Buyers Survival Manual – Tips to Save Thousands on Investments

Solutions From Science, a small, innovative off-the-grid firm in Illinois, is pleased to announce the release of their new edition of Gold Buyer’s Survival Manual by Joel McDurmon, a manual designed to help readers invest wisely in a commodity that is a hedge against hyperinflation, as well as a means of financial security should the […]

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Survival Tips For Small Businesses

You may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail, or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees; whichever, however or whatever… you’ve got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions. Anytime the cash flow in a business, large or small, starts to tighten up, the money management of that business […]

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Survival Through Suffering

A discussion of how the main characters from ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich’ cope differently with each of their own sufferings. Survival Through Suffering How the main characters from ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘One Day in the Life of I van Denisovich’ cope differently to each of their […]

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How to Make a Survival Bracelet: Parachute Cord

Did you know that a bracelet can save your life? You can make a survival bracelet that can be used in an emergency situation. The survivor bracelet is made out of parachute cord (also paracord or 550 cord), originally used for parachutes during World War II. Paracord is a light weight nylon rope. The inner […]

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