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Tigers, Japan, Europe & America

Factors that account for the rapid development of these South-East Asian countries -Economic History of the Asian Tigers and Japan between 960-2000 -Meaning of Japanese ( Economic Miracle) -Lessons for the Nigerian Economy Four Asian Tigers The high growth economies of -Hong Kong -Singapore -South Korea -Taiwan The four Asian Tigers consistently maintained high levels […]

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Fifty-One Tigers died in India between January to December5, 2011

51Tigers have passed away in several states of India January to 5th December 2011. A tiger shoot killed outside Kaziranga in Assam on 5 December. According to Wildlife Protection Society of India, fourteen tigers perished in Uttarakhand, it is highest rank in one of the state of India. The second rank of the Karnataka with […]

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A Rhetorical Analysis Of Tiger Woods English Literature Essay

A individual is forced to give an Apologia or a address of ego defence when their action is being questioned and they want everyone to cognize the truth about what happened. Similarly, Tiger Wood ‘s repute was damaged due to the recent studies of his domestic force, criminal conversation and his cheating behaviour. On February […]

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The Tiger Who Would Be King by James Thurber

In this story, the tiger is depicted as being selfish. He seeks for his self-interest even though his actions finally make other people in trouble or even die. He does not care for common well-being or general welfare. For example, the tiger wants to be “king of the beasts” so that he battles the current […]

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Tiger Beer

Launched in 1932, Tiger Beer became Singapore’s first locally brewed beer. It is a 5% abv bottled pale lager. As APB’s exclusive flagship brand, it is available in more than 60 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various countries in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. ] Distribution ? APB […]

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Tiger Woods The Making of a Champion

A biography of the golfer Tiger Woods. Eldrick Tiger Woods was born in Brooklyn, NY on December 30, 1975. His parents names are Earl and Kutildra. Earl is a 1/4 American Indian, a 1/4 Chinese and half Black. Kutildra is a 1/4 White, a 1/4 Chinese and half Thai. Both of Earl’s parents were dead […]

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Tiger Woods

A biography of the athlete Eldrick Woods otherwise known as Tiger Woods. Tiger’s Real Name: Eldrick Woods. The nick-name “Tiger” was given to him by his father. It’s the same nick-name of a South Vietnamese combat buddy, Nguyen Phong, who saved Tiger’s father’s life a few times in the Vietnam War. Rumor had it that […]

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Tiger Mother-final lesson den 30 november 2011

Battle hymn of the tiger mother is a decent book that I enjoyed reading but I would not read it again because nothing special happens in it, the whole story is about how Amy raised her two daughters and her battle with them, but still, it is really important to know about other cultures and […]

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