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Our collection of sample essays on Torture offers all the ideas and knowledge required to write similar essays. Each material found among our Torture topics base here was carefully selected to benefit students.

The Case of Torture

Over the course of several decades since 1982, Michael Levin’s “The Case of Torture” has been brought up many times by academic scholars on the usage of torture. He uses different types of arguments to plead his case. In that sense, his article has been used numerous times whether to plead for or plead against […]

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Torture and death

One favorite method of torturing witches was the ducking stool. A woman was tied to the stool and held under water. If she did not drown then she must be a witch. Those who drowned were obviously innocent, but by then it was too late. The persecutions were worst in Protestant countries. In 1589 one […]

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Innocent Have I Been Tortured, Innocent Must I Die

Witchcraft is seen differently in other cultures and settings. Some cultures such practices are seen as medicine and a of source knowledge. In movies it is seen as something magical and wonderful, but most religions (mostly Christian) see this as heresy and a denouncement of god. It was believed the Devil could give certain people […]

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