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Yoga Moves Marketing Plan

YogaMoves is a yoga clinic focused on Ashtanga Yoga which is a work out form of yoga. It is a bit difficult to do and somehow it lessens its appeal. Eileen Hall is one of the 37 certified yoga teachers in the world who were mentored by Sri K Pattabhhi Jois. Although the company is […]

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Yoga develops positive attitude

Hatha yoga remains the basis for a variety of yoga classes that are popular today. The traditional Hatha pose were designed to provide physical, mental, and spiritual stimulation. They permit the practitioner to connect the mind and body through breath control and meditation. The goal of the techniques is known as Raja Yoga. Health and […]

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Effects of Yoga vs Manual Stretching on Low Back Muscle Tightness

In recent years, researchers have become increasingly interested in the study of treatments for tight back muscles. Tight back muscles have always caused people uneasiness, irritability and limited motion. Pain is also felt when a person has tight back muscles and results to affecting an individual’s activities of daily living. The back muscles keep the […]

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