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The project we did was a project on printing, we had to first gather images and other drawings to stick on a piece of paper, which the print will be based on. After this we had to draw some of our own ideas either copied or made up to go with our pictures and to go with our theme eg. good pictures to go with a theme of kindness or on the other hand bad pictures to go with a theme of evil. After we had done all this with a set theme on a piece of paper we traced it, then we stuck the tracing face down on some linocut and traced off harder so the pencil line showed up on the linocut.

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Then we cut out the lines that appeared on the linocut with a gauge identifying which parts we were going to colour our light, medium and dark colours. After that we printed the light colour we gauged out the light bit and were left with the medium and dark bits, after we printed the medium colour on the light coloured print we gauged out the medium bits and then we went over the medium and light coloured prints with the dark colour giving us a final print with light, medium and dark coloured bits giving the 2D print a sense of tone and shading.

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We learned how to cut out lines and big spaces with a gauge, we learned how to print properly with different colours on the same piece of linocut and how to print with pieces cut out and making sure the lines match the lines of the previous print, for more detail look at the above paragraph. We used time in class to draw out our own ideas and to do the practical work but the images gathered were collected for homework.

The main images I used were of a character in a game “Bruce” and some landscape images of the Grand Canyon, waterfalls in South America and the dark yet colourful sunset overlooking the Sahara desert. My own ideas were based around my theme good and evil; on one side good where half of a flower looked healthy and one side evil where the other half of the flower is dying and lifeless, the whole way through my design ideas did not change.

I have researched Andy Warhol (1928-1987), an American printer but he started off with motion pictures and after that he went on to printing and he mainly was noticed in the 1960s for his modern pop cultural prints on thing like green coca-cola bottles and Marilyn Monroe, he printed on a silk screen which allowed the process to be repeated. I enjoyed in doing the actual practical work, as we had already done theory on it, but it was much better when truly experienced the skills of printing in three colours, and other techniques mentioned above.

The things I found difficult were when we were on the second and third colour because we had to make sure only the light/medium areas were cut out, the linocut went exactly on the lines as it did before on the print of the light/medium colour and didn’t smudge and also there were only 5 prints of the light and then maybe 1 or 2 got ruined from mistakes done in the medium colour printing and so only a few left for the dark colour but this eliminated a few so we were only left with 1 or 2 good prints including all three colours.

I would give myself a grade of A* as I have worked extremely hard at school and at home to do this work and also I missed a few lessons but I still managed to catch up.

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