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These reparations are forms of compensation in which we try to fix a mistake or repay a country or a race for the hardships and devastation which they endured. I believe that reparations are not about just handing out money to millions of blacks and calling that an apology, but rather recognizing a mistake and correcting it. Reparations for African Americans have become a hot topic in the last thirty years. I believe that blacks should receive reparations for slavery, but not in the form of cash settlements.

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There are several options for how the government should pay the African Americans for their role in building the United States and all of their burdens in the process. The idea of reparations for a particular group in the United States did not begin with African Americans. One particular culture has received some sort of reparation for ill treatment from the government. In 1987, The Japanese received a cash settlement in the amount of $1. 2 billion from the U. S. government for the internment camps during and after World War II.

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Many African Americans saw this and wondered if it were now possible for the government to acknowledge and take responsibility for its misguided past decisions. During that period of time, the Japanese contribution to the United States could not be compared to the African Americans. In addition, not a single Japanese life was lost during the duration of the camps, yet million of blacks died from the beginning of slavery in the United States to its end. I feel that reparations for blacks are long past due. I do not see the equality.

The government should focus on repairing race relations in America, but favoring one group over another only makes it worse. It cannot simply put a dollar amount on someone’s pain, then turn to the next person, shrug its shoulders and walk away. Blacks deserve to be compensated for the government’s neglect. The reparations should be divided into forms that will have a positive impact on black communities. I believe that giving checks to black communities that are below the poverty line will not benefit them in the end.

Instead, the government should set up scholarship funds for any age African American student that wishes to attend a public or a private college. This will ensure that they have the support they need to help them achieve a higher education. Once they go through college and formal training, they will be able to return to their communities and really do some good. They can make the changes as they see fit, rather than the government mandating the use of resources. In addition, public schools, and the poorest black communities should receive grants from the government for after school activities, school supplies, and educational resources.

Not limiting the benefits at school, black communities should also receive grants. With these government grants, the communities can fix decrepit homes or demolish them and build new homes if they are unfixable. They can also create safe and friendly neighborhoods for children, create low cost clinics in which doctors from neighboring towns or even doctors within their communities can even work at. They can take additional money left over and build libraries or city facilities such as recreational centers or parks so the community can use it at their will free of charge.

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