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After the group received we went through and short listed the application form because it allows us to narrow down the number of candidate and helped us choose us to invite the best candidate for interview. When comparing all of the candidate application form we thought some of the candidate forms were lacking as how much information they answered in the ‘more about you’ section. So therefore it was quite easy for us to find out candidate weakness and strength just by looking at their form answers.

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We thought that Lucy form was quite lacking from the other candidate form because she did not provided as much as detail about why she thinks it will be best for her to get the job and also she did not have much experience in the retail sector which makes it harder for her to do the job if she gets the job. From all the candidate application form we thought Jamie form was the best among others form as his form was filled completed with neat and clear writing to understand. Also his covering letter was in a detail and structured way as why he really wants to work for ASDA.

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He provided more than enough information with his best ability about all the company requirements such as the skills and qualification that the company is looking for in a candidate. However, we thought we will give each candidate the chance to come for an interview even though if their form were not to a high standard because there were not many applicant that applied for the position. So therefore we decided to take a big risk in inviting all the four applicant. The next step was we sent an invitation letter to the suitable applicants stating the interview date and time where it will be held.

The interview took place in the class room (R5), where we took notes on the applicant’s behaviour and responses to important questions by using our own interview questions and observation sheet, this enabled us to find out the total score of applicants behaviour and analyse the responses of applicants and see how dedicated they are to the job role and how they meet out criteria. All the candidate showed in time which made us think that they are reliable to come in time and they looked smart enough which was also a positive thing about them because it allowed us to judge on their overall presentation.

However, one candidate did not turn up which was Lucy. This made a bad repetition for herself and us to think that she is not reliable enough for the job and there was no chance for her to get the job or re invite her to the interview as this would be a waste of time for us. All the three candidate showed potential interest of what it takes to work in a busy environment and they answered questions to their best ability which made it harder for us to choose the right candidate for the post.

Alice and Alex were better in answering the questions in the interview rather than their application form which is a bit lacking for them to not answer questions fully in the form. After going through again the analysing responses of all of the applicants in a group we came to a conclusion that Jamie was perfect for the job as he received a high score in behaviour (observation sheet) and had perfect responses to the answers then the other two applicants.

He also had more relevant job experience in the retail sector which makes it easier for the company to just give brief training which saves time and money of the company and also he know what the job task and responsibilities he has to be doing while he is at work. So therefore we have all agreed to recruit Jamie as the new staff member of ASDA. Therefore this information leads us to sending a rejection letter to Alex, Alice and Lucy and an success letter to Jamie. Now we have welcomed our new employee and invited him to an induction day at ASDA where we can go through the motivational package and induction programme with our new employee.

For the success document I have created using Ms Word because I think that all the letters are created there and it is the best software to use when typing in letters. In my document I have all the relevant information that needs to be provided for the candidate to know such as the starting date and hour work required to do. This informs the candidate straight to the point on his/her job role making it easier for the candidate to know all the necessary information that he/she should know before they start their new job. I kept my letter simple, short to the point and understandable for the candidate to read thoroughly.

This makes it interesting to read and it makes it easier to get to the point for the candidate to know because if I gave too much information it could make the candidate confusing and put them off track as what the important points candidate should know. If I did not inform what candidate should know then they might find a problem in the first day of their work so therefore I think it is very important to make it clear and understandable approach. I have included a company logo which it helps enhance the look of my document and makes it stand out.

When comparing my document to the group members I found that my document was quite lacking because it did not have much detailed information on what the candidate should bring on the arrival of his first starting date of the job. Also, I think that my letter was not that formal as it should have been supposed to be because in everyone letter it has congratulated the candidate but my document hasn’t. Also they have provided a brief summary what the first day includes and what to bring on that day which makes it helpful for candidate to know. Whereas, I have provided non of the information making it unprofessional and not informative.

My letter was just a brief summary of candidate getting a job and it was simple and short. Whereas Ben and my other group members letters were long and in detail. We choose chose Ben letter because he has got all the relevant information that needs to be in a success letter. In the letter it has got all the things that need to be informed to the candidate before he/she starts the job. For instance like, things the candidate need to bring in before they start a job such as evidence of Right to work in the UK, verification of identity and address etc.

We chose Ben because his letter is in a detailed explanation and easy to read and understand. Also the use of bullet points make it short paragraph. It makes it stand out and quicker to read. Also the fact that his letter is two pages long with enough information will help the candidate to bring all the documents the letter is stating. For my rejection letter I have included all the necessary information that needs to be in a rejection letter. The first think I consider was that I made sure my letter was polite enough as why the candidate did not got the job and giving reason on to it.

By doing this I believe that it will help satisfy the candidate more on why they did not got the job. Also,wishing them luck in the future is important because it is polite and makes the candidates feel that their efforts has not been wasted. The letter is straight to the point and I have not included massive of information. Because I think that it is not necessary as it will make it look unprofessional and a rejection letter is just informing candidate why they have not got the position. So therefore I decided for my document I kept it simple and did not included massive of paragraphs on explaining why the candidate did not got the job.

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