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Thus, visual arts are not only created by the painter himself but the observers with their own perspectives. All in all, the various forms of art are all created by humans based on human interpretation of how they perceive their surroundings. I presented that music in the form of art is created by the individual therefore it must be invented; but some people would argue that no one invented music as it is simply sounds put together. The sounds have existed within nature even before humans found them, therefore they must be discovered.

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For example, my mom believes that, even the sounds within nature are music such as the sound of thunder, mixed with the blow of a wind on a loud, rainy day. From this perspective, it is evident that these sounds within nature can be music, therefore it is pre-existent and humans discover it. However, the music is composure of sounds just like my music was composure of various sounds. There are sounds present within nature, but it is us who use these sounds to create complex form of music as evident in modern day society.

Therefore, my claim holds true that it is us humans who create the arts based on out interpretation of our surrounding. Instead of claiming another AOK as invented or discovered, it would be must more interesting to explore the relationship between these polarized ways of deriving knowledge. Math and Arts are two very different AOKs which are actually interconnected in many aspects and have a great impact on each other. With this being mentioned it is more apparent that mathematics has a greater impact on the arts than vice versa.

In physics, we had to create an instrument using our knowledge of sound and waves as a final project. In order to create different sounds, we had to make mathematical calculations of how the wavelengths of sounds should be. For example, in order to receive a higher pitch, we needed more wavelengths per second. Similarly, in order to produce a louder sound, we needed to have greater amplitude. I was surprised at how difficult it was to actually constructing something as simple as sound. From this experience, I realised that mathematics plays an important role in one’s able to construct music.

Similarly, fractal geometry is discovered through the application of various mathematical calculations, but it can still be used to create visual arts. When combining fractal geometry with modern technology, movie editors are now able to create dynamic scenes through various animated landscapes such as mountains, icebergs, volcanos, and metro cities. I learned that fractal geometry can be associated with visual arts in movies through the use of technology. Ultimately, this provides a connection between the two AOK, Math and Art.

Lastly, painters often knowing or accidently incorporate mathematics in their painting as people are more attracted to patterns and symmetrical paintings. For instance, when creating a flower, shell, a face, or even a finger they may use the Fibonacci pattern to make his picture more accurate. Most people may not notice the use of mathematical concepts and believe that it was a free painting, which helps us realize that math may occur in art where we notice it or not. Therefore, Mathematics and the arts are interconnected even though it may not be expected or apparent at first glance.

If mathematics is actually discovered it leads to many more questions and implies many other ideas. If mathematics is discovered than it is true that many mathematical theories are undiscovered. It can also be stated that true knowledge that we gain from mathematics is indefinite. Therefore it can be argued that even though we call ourselves civilized, we may not know anything about the true world. Even though this may feel like an exaggeration, we cannot disregard the valid point because a definite answer is unapproachable.

If knowledge is endless like math, which is not completely discovered than it can be argued that we merely skimmed the surface of truth. Overall, some AOK are believed to be discovered and others are known to be invented. In my case, mathematical knowledge is pre-existing since math has a relationship with nature and was present before the human race. On the other hand, the arts are invented by humans as a form of expressing emotions, feelings and interpretation of their surroundings.

It is also understood that, it is possible for two oppositely derived AOK to be interconnected in many ways. Ultimately, whether AOK are invented or discovered we know that there are endless sockets of pre-existing knowledge that need to be unwrapped by humans in the search for a greater truth. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge section.

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