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The most common use in both centres is by far A1, in centre 1 56% of the Properties are A1, this is roughly the same as centre 2, which has 60 of it’s uses taken up by A1. as you can get a large variety of uses under A1, from Chemists to Butchers and the fact that A1 are most likely to make the public go to the shopping centres, I think that the Percentage of A1’s in both centres are acceptable.

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In Centre 1 there is only two properties in B1, this comes to 6% of the total uses of the Centre, as B1s aren’t used too much by the public I think it is a good thing that there aren’t many of these in this shopping centre because it will make it less popular, also these two properties are fairly far apart so it doesn’t matter too much. Centre 2 has 3 B1s which is also 6%, however these are fairly close together, but as there is only 3 of them I don’t see it as a problem.

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A3s are good to have in a shopping centre because the public will all need to eat and drink, so it would benefit the centre to have quite a large percentage of these, also it wouldn’t matter if they where close together, like in a food court, or spaced apart. In centre 1 there is 6 A3s, this comes to 19%, compared to centre 2 which has 7 which only comes to 13% I think is just the right amount of A3s. however centre 2 could do with a few more A3s.

Centre 1 has a reasonable amount of properties with SG uses, this is 3, that makes 9% of the Centre SG, but Centre 2 could do with a few more, with only 2% of it’s use being used by SG’s, this is only 1 property! B1s are not a good type of building to have in a shopping centre so the less the better, centre 1 doesn’t have any, but centre 2 has 2, this only takes up 4% of the centre so it doesn’t matter too much. In both Centres there are no B2s, B8s, SGs, C1s, C2s, SGs, D2s and SGs. I don’t think these matters, as they are not very well suited to Shopping centres.

In a shopping centre I don’t think properties with the use C3 would be good to have because it doesn’t have any public interest. Centre 1 has no C3, but centre 2 has 6, this comes to 12%, I think this is too much for a shopping centre, and could be put to better use. D1s are good to have in shopping centre as they attract the public, but too many of them would take over the shopping centre and ruin it. In the 1st centre there are 3 D1s, this amounts to 9% of the centres uses, I think this is a perfect amount to have in the centre because it isn’t very big, so there aren’t as many properties in it.

Centre 2 has only 2 D1s, as it is a bigger centre than centre 1 this is a lot less, only 4% is taken up by D1s. this is fine but a few more wouldn’t hurt, and may attract more of the public. Overall I think Centre 1 is more of the kind of shopping centre you’d go to, to shop, but centre 2 is more of a place people would meet up at intending to do less shopping. Centre 1 seems more attractive to the public than centre 2 if you want to shop, even though it has lees shops. My first application form is: Application for consent to display an advertisement.

This consists of 3 pages, while the form is on the internet has a blue background but once you print it, it doesn’t, apart from that it is completely black and white. Page one is the form itself, this first tells you want the council want you to do, in this case it says “TWO COMPLETED COPIES OF THIS FORM AND THE DRAWINGS, (SEE NOTE 3 OVERLEAF)SHOULD BE SENT TO LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY, CIVIC CENTRE, STOCKWELL CLOSE, BROMLEY BR13UH”. The form has the Bromley logo so the user knows it is the correct and official form.

There is a box that the office has to fill out about paying the fee so they know it is paid, then there is part of the form that the user has to fill out. All the spaces that are supposed to be written on are in boxes probably to make it easier to scan into a computer and so it is easier to understand. Throughout the form it has “(see note 5)”so the user knows where in the notes page to go to so he can see the relevant information about that part. At the bottom on the form the user needs to put his signature so the form is a legal document.

Page two is notes telling the user why the form is needed, what the permission consists of, what you need to get permission and about your right to appeal if the council refuses your form. This page is laid out in numbers to make it easier to refer to. Each number has a title that is in bold so you can easily find the information you want. The last page is so you can pay for your application if you are going to pay using a credit card, it also has the Bromley logo on it to prove it is the official form.

It also has the heading in bold to make it look more friendly, and the parts that are supposed to be filled in are in boxes again, to make it easier to read and scan onto the computer. My second application form is: Application for listed building consent or Conservation area consent. This consists of 2 pages, again the form is completely black and white, apart from the background. Page one has the Bromley logo on it so the user knows it is the official form, it also has the chief planners name on it to prove it is.

The address of where you are supposed to send it to is on the top of it, along with the name of the form, both of these are in bold so they catch you attention. Below that there is what the council want you do, for example “FOUR COPIES OF THIS FORM, PLANS AND DRAWINGS are to be returned to: Environmental Services Department, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR13UH”, and below that there is a quote that has to be signed and dated by the user.

The part of the form that the user has to fill in is next, it continues on to the second page and is followed by a certificate which has to be signed and dated at the end to make sure it’s a legal document. The last thing on the form is 3 meanings of words and phrases in the form. My third application form is: Application for a certificate of lawfulness for an existing use or operation or activity in breach of a planning condition. This consists of 3 pages, and is completely black and white, it has a different layout to the other to forms I have done.

It has, in bold and capitals, the number of copies you have to submit, and under that it has a number of acts that relate to the form. The rest of the form has a border around it, each part of the form is numbered, in bold, and has a line separating it from the end and begin of the surrounding sections to make it easier to find the part you want and to make it look friendlier. The Bromley logo is on it to prove it is the official form, and next to that there is a section that the office has to fill out regarding the payment and receipt, the rest of the form is filled out by the user.

At the end of the form the signature of the user is needed along with the date and the appropriate amount of the fee. At the end of the part you are supposed to fill in there is a warning. The last page is the page for paying the fee with a credit card, this needs to be filled in with all the details needed to make the transaction. The title is in bold and the parts needed to be filled in are in boxes. This too has to be signed and dated to prove it is a legal document, it also has the Bromley logo on it.

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