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Is it ever a wonder how some people are naturally good at sports? Many people can and will struggle their whole lives to become and amazing athlete; furthermore, to earn the title as “The Greatest. ” Then, there are the other people who are just born that way. In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the character Finny can be described as one of those natural born athletes. He can do just about any physical activity he sets his mind to. Finny, an amazing athlete, can be compared to some in real life: Cassius Clay, more commonly known as Muhammad Ali, who took an almost dead sport and made it his career and his life.

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The specific intent of this paper is to present an analogy between Finny and Cassius Clay. I Finny was depicted in the novel as an amazing athlete. A1 For example, he was very good at sports. Finny broke the school swim record, which was set by A. Hopkins Parker in 1940. 3 He had an odd feeling that he could beat Parker’s record, and he did. 1 He beat the record by seven seconds. After Gene told him the good news, Finny yelled, “My God! So I really did it. You know what? I thought I was going to do it. It felt as though I had that stopwatch in my head and I could hear myself going just a little bit faster than A.

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Hopkins Parker. ” 2 The fact that Finny could beat the record with no training and little or no effort is amazing. An athlete gifted with that ability is truly gifted. A2 Finny was also great at blitzball; not only did he invent the game, but he was also athletically gifted at it. Blitzball focused on Finny’s own athletic abilities. Not one boy at Devon high school could beat him, because he was the best. Like Gene said, “It was just a game. It was good that Finny could shine at it. ” It is hard to believe Finny is good and continues to be good at so many different sports.

The more he plays sports, the better he becomes. 4 Many athletes think they do not have to try after reaching a certain point in their sports career; however, Finny keeps trying even after he conquers many challengers. That alone is a great accomplishment. Breaking the school swim record and being the best at blitzball- these are two examples of how Finny was amazing at sports. Apart from being an amazing athlete, Finny was a great leader. B1 For example, he gained many followers.

He could talk his way out of any sticky situation. Gene and Finny were absent for dinner once, so he told Mr. Prud’homme they were preparing for the war. 3 Prud’homme laughed at Finny’s explanation, but he was able to talk he and Gene out of trouble. Finny also could’ve been in trouble when he wore the Devon school tie as a belt. A teacher asked him why he was wearing the school tie in such a disrespectful manner. 2 Finny told the teacher that he didn’t have any other belts, and he didn’t want his pants falling down at the dinner table. He also wore a pink shirt to dinner. When Mr. Prud’homme confronted him, Finny explained it was for the bombing in central Europe.

Gene et. al were amazed at how Finny “could get away with anything. I [Gene] couldn’t help envying him that a little, which was perfectly normal. There was no harm in envying even your best friend a little. ” The fact that Finny could talk his way out of anything was unbelievable; it would be a great skill to have in almost any situation. B2 Finny also was a great leader. He created the game blitzball and taught it to other off the top of his head. The boys at Devon high school went along with the game. 4 If they did something wrong, Finny would stop and correct them; they would learn from their mistakes.

“Stop, stop! ” cried Finny. “Now Leper has just brought out a really important fine point of the game. The receiver can refuse a pass if he happens to choose to. Since we’re all enemies, we can and will turn on each other all the time. We call that the Lepelliar Refusal. ” What made Finny a phenomenal leader was his ability to gain followers. People cannot lead if there is no one to follow them. It is always a great ability if a person can gain someone’s trust. The ability to talk his way out of things and being a leader and gaining followers- these are two characteristics of Finny that made him a good leader.

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