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Attitude is the hypothetical construct which people form representing an individual degree of like or dislike of a commodity. Attitudes take the form of positive and negative views towards the commodity or an event. This event of commodity that attitude is formed towards is known as attitude object. Therefore, attitude can be described as a reflection of how people think about commodities and the way their thinking about the commodity affects their behaviour.Those brands that consumers form positive attitudes towards are the ones that consumers buy. Effective marketing campaigns that are able to be emotionally noticed by consumers are the ones that get noticed by consumers quickly. These are the marketing campaigns that have a reflection of the needs of the consumer. Therefore, attitudes are judgments developed based on ABC model, which stands for affect, behavior and cognition. The affective response is the emotional response, which shows the degree of preference of a commodity. The behavior intention is the typical behavior, which a consumer shows towards a product. The cognitive response is the cognitive evaluation of the commodity, which includes the belief that a consumer has towards the product. It is the attitude that consumers have towards a product that makes them accept or reject a product in the market. (Hoyer, pg 122-123).

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There are communication characteristics that contribute to formation of either positive attitude or negative attitude towards a product. Attitudes to wards a product can be changed by use of persuasive communication. This is where the marketer uses a language that is persuasive to make people change their attitude towards a product or to make the consumers to change their attitudes towards a products (Wänke, pg 36-37). For example, if it is a certain drug the marketer should use a very persuasive language by showing the consumer how the drug will heal a certain ailment quickly, without negative effects and by explaining why the drug is much better than other drugs in the market. The message should have persuasive characteristics because the message characteristic plays a role in persuasion. Sometimes it also becomes important to present the two sides of the product. For example, by showing the positive and the negative effects of using a certain product and how to prevent negative effects. Presenting both sides of the story of a product is useful in helping to change attitudes towards a product.

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The message that is presented to wards a product should also be appealing to the consumers. Messages that are appealing help to change the attitude in regard towards a certain product because it touches the emotions of the consumers. For example, communication through the media which are directed towards advertising a detergent whereby sample of clothes washed by using the detergent are shown and those that are  not washed with the detergent. This would attract the attention of the consumers who will like to use the detergent to test the product. If the results, which are shown in the advertisement, are true, the consumer will definitely form a positive attitude towards the product and if the consumer had negative attitude towards the product then this would leads to change of the attitude towards the attitude towards the product.

The message that is communicated to consumers should be straight and to the point. Consumers tend to be attracted to messages that are short. Long messages make the consumers loss concentration and therefore fail to understand. For example, when explaining the use of a new brand of cell phone it is important for the message not to have difficult technological terminologies, which many consumers may not understand. Use of such language may make the consumers lose interest and have a negative attitude towards the brand. It is good to use a simple language that consumers are able to understand quickly. This will work towards enhancing formation of positive attitude towards the commodity.


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