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This coursework is an investigation into house price patterns in Beverley. I will investigate how the house prices and environmental quality change from the centre of Beverley to the outskirts. Also I will examine how dirt pollution can affect housing prices.

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During this investigation I will be testing the following hypotheses;

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* Environmental quality will improve from the centre of Beverley to the outskirts

I expect this to happen because Beverley was built along an extensive period of time, which means that the centre, the oldest part of the town, will have many houses that have been left to decay. Whereas on the outskirts of town there are many new estates, in which the houses are well built, new and properly looked after. Also, the quality of the environment on the outskirts of town will be of higher quality than the centre. This is because in Beverley’s centre, the houses are tightly packed together along cramped streets, so there will be limited greenery. High rates of pollution and litter will be also found in the centre as it is more populated than the outskirts. The rates of traffic in the centre will also be higher and more concentrated than the outskirts as many people work, live and shop in the middle of town. As a result of the high congestion, noise and air pollution will be greater in the centre of Beverley compared to the outskirts.

* House prices will increase from the centre to the outskirts

I expect this to happen because today many people prefer the space and cleaner environment on the edge of the city or town and often commute to work or work in new out of town (greenfield) sites. This will increase the demand for houses on the outskirts on town, so as a result prices will too be pushed up. Also, I predict that this will happen because many new housing estates have been built to try and accommodate for the increasing demand. These brand new houses will all be fully equipped with modern facilities such as fitted kitchens, internet connections and large gardens and driveways. Due to this, the prices will be higher than those of the centre where houses might not necessarily have these contemporary essentials.

* Dirt pollution is linked to housing prices

The amount of dirt pollution taken from a location indicates the cleanliness of that particular area and therefore the environmental quality of the street. A sample which contains little dirt, litter, animal hair or any other further pollution would suggest a cleanly and unpolluted housing environment. If samples contained lots of stone or cement then poor pavement conditions could be predicted. Whereas any vegetation caught on the test, such as leaves, would advocate a greener environment, possibly making the area more costly to live in.

When buying and selling a property, environmental quality is a highly important factor that must taken into consideration. For instance, a house’s selling price should reflect the area’s environment. As predicted in my first hypothesis, environmental quality should improve from the centre to the outskirts of Beverley. So, I therefore believe that the closer a property is to the centre of town, the more polluted its dirt sample will be.

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