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Nowadays the trend of customer relationship management is increasing day by day. More and more companies are becoming aware of the fact how important customer relationship management is. As the customer is getting aware about the products, they also have complaints about them that have to be handled carefully and patiently by the customer relationship officers. The types of methodologies that help a company to maintain customer relationships in an organized way is called customer relationship management.

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Its not always that customer might have any complaints but they might also have some suggestions for further improvement or there can also be prospective customers who would want to know more about the company. Its consists of the Other things to be noted We often have questions about what is fair use of content from other web sites. In general, one cannot take any material from another site and use it in their own web site unless proper credit of the material is given to the original writer. These rules however differ from business to business and are set according to the nature of the business you are into.

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For instance, if you have designed a retail site, it is normal for manufacturers to provide artwork and product copy and this can be used. For anything other than this, it’s better not to use someone else’s work and if using, it should be given the proper credit. Marketing Mix This particular term “marketing mix” became popular when Mr. Neil H. Borden wrote an article that was published in “The Concept of the Marketing Mix” in 1964. Before this, in the 1940’s he used to use this term in his lectures.

In his marketing mix, he didn’t include just these four P’s but many other terms such as planning, branding, personal selling and physical handling, etc were also used. Later onwards, the marketing mix was grouped into four categories that were the four P’s that are product, price, place and promotion. Product These are the tangible goods that are physical in nature and can be seen and touched. Under the product decisions comes the brand name, functionality, style, quality, safety, packaging, repairs and after sales support and warranty. Price The pricing decisions are taken on the basis of the type of the product and the target audience.

The company should also keep in mind the prices being charged to the customers by the other competitive brands. It does not always include the list price but discounts and leasing as well. Prices are kept in mind the expenses incurred and the profit margins required. Place This basically refers to the channels of distribution being used by the companies. Place is very important in the sense that when the products won’t be made available to the customers they won’t be able to make purchases. Market coverage, inventory management, transportation, oder processing comes under the pricing decisions.

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