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Populating in this ever-change society, population turning really fast, but there are most Numberss of people are populating in bit metropolis. The explosive growing of the universe ‘s metropoliss is traveling more and more serious. By the twelvemonth 2000, for the first clip in history, more than half the universe ‘s population will populate in metropoliss ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . It besides said 21 of these will be megacities with populations transcending ten million. In 1970, 37 per centum of the universe ‘s population lived in metropoliss. In 1995 this figure was 45 per centum, and the proportion is expected to go through 50 percentby 2005 ( Masika Haan Baden ; 1997 ) . In the past 30 old ages, the urban population in developing states has tripled, and projection suggests urban growing will go on good into the following century. So because there are big Numberss of people are populating or will traveling in metropoliss, a batch serious job will coming out. Peoples have to confront deficiency of H2O and clean system, awful waste direction, environment pollution, and uneffective and unequal service proviso. However spread of wealth will be most serious job in megacities all round the universe. Because of the growing population in megacities, metropoliss will look more and more hapless people. It brings a series job like cacotrophia, hungriness, houselessness, commit a offense. How to work out urban poorness intersection will go a serious job we have to confront now. In my study, I will speak about some job of urban poorness, the ground of urban poorness and some solution to poorness.

2 The ground and job of Urban Poverty

It is going an progressively urban phenomenon that people move into metropoliss who come from countryside, although poorness has most been concentrated in countryside. Based on some information, In Latin America, the precisely figure of urban hapless has already surpassed the figure of rural hapless. Between 1970-1990, the figure of urban hapless in the United States rose from 44 million to 115 million, compared to 75 million to 80 million in rural areas.4 Overall, a one-fourth of the universe ‘s urban population is presently estimated to populate in absolute poorness, with many more living under deficient conditions ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . At the same clip, the spread between rich and hapless is widening. Local authoritiess in many of the universe ‘s poorest metropoliss are unable to supply even the most basic demands of their citizens. It besides said that at least 220 million urban inhabitants are presently estimated to miss entree to clean imbibing H2O, and more than 420 million bash non hold entree to the simplest latrines.

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The urban hapless are ever at hazard, particularly the kids and old adult male. In the twelvemonth 2000, the World Bank estimates half the kids in urban countries in developing states to be born into hapless families.6 Confronting high rates of infant mortality, those that do last are frequently malnourished and in hapless wellness ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . Because of many ground, one of the most of import is environment wellness. Peoples lived in slum create risky and insecure conditions that compound the poorness which forced them to put up place at that place in the first topographic point. However the environment of they live in is non good. Cipher got wage to clean the trash in slum, so it did a serious influence to hapless people ‘s wellness in the urban poorness countries. Harmonizing to the World Health Organisation ( WHO, 2006 ) more than 13 million deceases yearly are due to preventable environmental causes. About one tierce of decease and disease in the least developed parts is due to environmental causes. Over 40 % of deceases from malaria and an estimated 94 % of deceases from diarrhoeal diseases, two of the universe ‘s biggest childhood slayers, could be prevented through better environmental wellness direction ( unknown ; 2008 ) .On the other manus, poorness besides cause of some societal and environment job such as rubbish pollute environment, homesteader land, deficiency of H2O non clean H2O and deficiency of landspace. This is unjust, we need to alter all of these state of affairs to do certain all of us have a better quality of life.

3 Solution to poverty

3.1 Environment wellness

As information above, it is really of import to better environment wellness. The environment wellness is the most least cost and high impact attack to cut down poorness and better good being of the hapless work forces and adult females. Aid bureau could take some implements to do certain environment of slum is good, cut downing the figure of ill people who were populating in slum. Such as: Wage for some people who were populating in slum to clean the topographic point where they lived, so hapless people non merely acquire a good environment, but besides can acquire occupation to do their life better. Changes hapless people ‘s attitude and behaviours to environment, which means hygiene instruction, consciousness edifice and edifice a sense of duty. Reducing the cost and bettering the criterions of engineerings through research and uninterrupted acquisition. Real engagement, which should be done beyond the division of power, ethnicity, gender and age. Influencing patterns and policies at the national, regional and planetary degrees ( unknown ; 2008 ) .

Less inflowing by bad environment, less wellness job they get. So they can hold more clip or energy to making their occupation for altering their life.

3.2 Recycle trash

Due to people lived in slum, a batch of trash produced by them everyday. This is of import ground that make environment bad. For metropoliss to be ecologically feasible, a round metamorphosis demands to be initiated, whereby every end product can besides be ‘recycled ‘ be kept separate from ‘valuable ‘ and biodegradable family sewerage and mill liquid wastes, works foods recycled, and rubbish regarded as an plus instead than burden ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . To sum up, recycled non merely clean the urban poorness countries ‘s trash, but besides give some utile resort for hapless people.

3.3 Solution to Squatter

Today more and more metropoliss find it about impossible to supply adequate urban services to fulfill the demands of the urban hapless. The battle for endurance in homesteader countries without entree to H2O, cloacas, refuse aggregation or clean fuel frequently forces the urban hapless to do farther environmental debasement. Leonard and Petesch therefore argue that “ the interaction of urban poorness and the environment contributes to a downward spiral of ecological devastation that farther undermines the wellbeing and productiveness of hapless people ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . With the development of urban poorness, more and more hapless people will travel into the urban poorness countries, so less and less lands can be used in urban poorness countries in the hereafter. Some of them will squatter lands if they have no topographic point to populate. Chunky developments can look disorganised and helter-skelter ; nevertheless, urban contrivers need to look closer for grounds of an implicit in physical and societal order within the reinforced signifier ( Giusti de Perez, Perez ; 2008 ) . Even if exteriors can non comprehend them, the internal connexions that constitute this implicit in order are to the full perceived by the occupants of the countries.

4 Lack of H2O

Lack of H2O or dirty H2O besides did awful impact to urban poorness countries. In quickly turning coastal parts and in the megacities of the underdeveloped universe. Water scientists predict that many of these metropoliss already are, or will be, unable to supply safe, clean H2O and equal sanitation installations for their citizens – two cardinal demands for human well being and self-respect ( Srinivas ; n.d ) . The job will acquire more and more serious by rapid urban growing population. It besides shows that in 1950, there were less than 100 metropoliss with a population in surplus of 1 million ; by 2025, that figure is expected to lift to 650. By the twelvemonth 2000, some 23 metropoliss — 18 of them in the underdeveloped universe — will hold populations transcending 10 million. Particularly people who lived in urban poorness countries are most at hazard.

5 land usage

By the development of metropolis, more and more metropoliss have less infinite for human utilizing. As the human population has risen to over 6billion and metropoliss have grown to suit more and more people, the ecologically productive land available to each individual on Earth has steadily decreased from about 5.6 hectares per individual in 1900 to 3 in 1950 and down to no more than 1.5 at the beginning of the 21 century ( Power, Houghton ; 2007 ) . So we need revival to do more infinite for poorness people to populate. However we can work out this job by revival and reconstruct edifice in urban poorness countries to increase more infinite for hapless people to utilize.


In decision metropoliss now face the challenges of supplying basic services to all their citizens while at the same clip minimising environment debasement. Environment protection in poorness countries in urban is the most of import thing to make today ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . Great environment wellness can assist hapless people cut down more money in treat their organic structure wellness, and hold more clip and energy to work, at the same clip, protect environment increases the figure of occupations, the sum of economic activity. Aid bureaus and foundation should pay more attending in this manner or other new paradigm ( Perlman Hopkins Jonsson ; 1998 ) . Not merely environment wellness we should pay an attending, but besides batch of other solutions we should confront. Recycle trash for poorness people to utilize, see about the land of poorness countries people use, and attention about the deficiency of H2O job in urban poorness countries. But the key to solution poorness in urban countries is altering people ‘s head, allow them pay more attending in hapless people, we ca n’t merely go forth them entirely whatever they are unrecorded or dice. Aid bureau should foment more people to assist poorness, educate poorness people is really of import manner to alter their head in populating even their hereafter and lives.

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