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The following analysis is based on a case of dilemma a girl called Susan is suffering from. Susan is a business student at Mt. Eagle College. She has a part time job in the campus snack bar, The Devil’s Den. There are some happenings which is pricking her at work. The employees were allowing their friends to take free food from the Den and the employees themselves were also taking food in large quantities when leaving their shifts. According to her the main causes of this problem were that the employees were not being paid handsomely, there was easy access to the unlocked storage room door and the inventory was poorly controlled.

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There was weak supervision by the student managers and there were no written rules or guidelines. The employees who observed this never challenged anyone because they feared the loss of friendship or being boycotted by their colleagues. At work, during the day there were no student managers to supervise, instead a full-time manager was employed by the management to supervise the Den. The attrition rate of employees were high which indicated that the job qualifications and the selection process for getting employed were minimal. The employees were not even given adequate training at work which acted as the icing on the cake.

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Due to this reason the student employees did not realise their true sense of responsibilities, were inefficient at work and did not take pride in their jobs. The other thing bothering Susan was that the management was unaware of this problem and thus could not take any corrective action for the same. The management had no reported significant losses and had no track of the inventory. Due to this reason Management did not threaten employees with job loss, neither did they provide employees with supervision at work. At the same time it is mentioned that Susan interacts with her close friend, Mack, a student manager at the Den. Dilemma at Devil’s Den case

She mentions him the wrongdoings happening at the Den. We see that Mack is unaware about all these events. Susan was intensely disturbed by this but could not convince herself to reveal all these happenings because she wanted to become a student manager herself and she could not afford to get into any sort of tiff which could refrain her from becoming a student manager in future. Besides this, she would be in a better position to take initiatives to rectify these wrongdoings in the business. Thus, a solution should be thought of considering the scenario given above which would be effective and at the ame time would not affect Susan’s prospect of being a student manager in future. BACKGROUND OF THE CASE: The case is about SUSAN who is a business student at MT. EAGLE COLLEGE and also doing a part time job at campus snack bar “THE DEVIL’S DEN”. She talks about the problems related with the snack bar. Many employees were allowing their friends to take food for free and they themselves were taking food away in large quantities when their shifts get over. It is against the policy because according to policy only during the duty hours they were allowed to have food free of charge not after their shift gets over.

She noticed that the customers who were witnessing others doing it also started doing and felt free to do it without any fear. Employees who noticed it also never challenged because they didn’t care about the Den and also have the fear of losing friendship by going against the other. Another thing she noticed was during the night shift there was no manager appointed by CFS to supervise instead it was looked after by student managers, who never received any formal training. They were only taught how to close the snack bar at night and in doing that job also they were inefficient.

She noticed that there was lack of strong corrective actions. If any employee was caught pocketing, he was neither suspended nor threatened and was only asked to stay away from the cash. She talked to her friend MACK, student manager at DEN, and told him about the unlocked storage room and only corrective measure that was taken was the lock was put on the door but that also proved futile as the keys were easily available on request. Susan was just an employee and was not sure whether management would do anything about these problems.

She felt that student managers were abusing the rules and were not clearly aware of the happenings or they had just ignored them. She wants to become a student manager to gain some managerial and leadership skills and can provide some solution to the problems. MAIN ISSUES: The main issues in the case could be summed up in the following points: 1. The policy of College Food Services is that the employees can eat whatever they like free of charge while they are working. But employees are taking food in large quantities when they leave their shifts. 2. Employees are not following basic ethics, they are allowing their friends to take food free of cost. 3. The employees have received no formal training for the job. They are not following any written rules or strict guidelines. 4. Supervision by student managers is very weak. They keep a blind eye towards their junior employees, who are letting their friends take away food for free. Though an employee is caught pocketing cash from the register, neither a suspension nor a warning of losing his job is given. 5. Student managers do not exercise control over their employees.

Employees felt too secure about their job and didn’t feel that their jobs were at stake. 6. The student managers are not good motivators. Their negative attitude is sets a bad example for other employees. 7. Inventory of the Den is maintained very poorly. An employee has easy access to the storage room and no record of the inventory is kept. 8. The employees who work in the night shift are college freshmen and sophomores. They are paid less, and their increment is small. Regular employees simply get an additional nickel for each semester of employment. Their working hours are inconvenient.

Sometimes they have to work late nights and weekends. 9. The employee turnover rate is high. As employees are hard to come by, job qualifications and selection criteria was lowered. PLAUSIBLE SOLUTIONS: The following problem we see many time in our life whenever we our self visit a cafe as a customer. But this problem can be a problem for us if we go on the other side of the desk. Although these issues can be easily resolvable, but what is lacking is the decision to take imitative. Some issues are discussed with the best possible solutions to overcome. The plausible solutions are 1. Anonymous E-mail: The problem that arises in front of Susan that her identity might get revealed if she reports this problem of food stealing and irresponsible management. She might hamper her chances of becoming a Student Manager.

The way she can report this matter is through anonymous E-mail. Thus keeping her identity secretes. 2. Implementing proper inventory accounting: There was no proper record maintained for the food commodities that the campus snack bar receives and what portion of that food is sold out. This improper inventory management was the main loophole in the ystem, as nobody knows who takes what food commodity, sold by whom. Thus there’s a must need of implementing inventory management. Proper bills are needed to be created and complete database must be maintained. 3. Food Credit system should be introduced: The policy of the campus snack bar to have free food is another problem that was faced. This helps them to take as much amount of unaccounted food as they want, which they distribute among their friends. Thus introducing this food credit system will restrict them to take food over a certain amount.

Food credit system might be the monthly food token distributed to each employee. 4. Introducing performance appraisal: The employees working in the cafe are not motivated, their wages are very low and there is no zeal among them to make any special effort to improve the system. Thus there comes the solution which is implemented in most sales related activity, special incentives must be given to respective employee upon their total revenue generated, performance & punctuality. Incentives can act as a great motivator here.

Every month they should select a employee of the month and give him/her special incentive and good working position in which section that employee would like to work. 5. Introducing training programs and formal rules: A problem that also mentioned in the case is that they were not given any further training when promoted to a manager; instead they now manage the cafe by what they had already learned by working there. A proper training will realize them there true sense of responsibility plus introducing written rules will bound them to work in a specified format. The student managers should be briefed on how to close the snack bar. . Power of whistle blowing: The problem what Susan has that she might face consequences of rejection from becoming future student manager if she report problem. Therefore Whistle blower policy should be implemented to give the freedom to report the problem directly to College Food Service.

Thus selection for every new student manager should be done on their performance review. Managerial Learning: * Manager should try to increase job satisfaction and create positive job attitude. * Manger has to be a good team leader. His leadership role includes hiring, training, motivating and disciplining employees. Manager should put on the air information received from outsiders or from other employees to member of the organization. * A good manger is a disturbance handler; he/she takes corrective action in response to the unexpected problems faces by the organization. * Reduces expenses by tardiness, theft and deviant workplace behaviour. * A good manger should focus on the intrinsic part of the job i. e. make work challenging and interesting. * A good manager should be able to create an ethically healthy work environment. * A manger can improve the by fine tuning the job to better match an incumbent’s abilities.

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