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The first case, although more subtle than many of the others, is in the names of the characters in the title; the word ‘Dr. ‘ has connotations attached to it which suggest that Jekyll is a well-mannered, civilized man whereas Mr. Hyde might not have the same nature, as is implied by … ‘Hyde’ could be as in ‘animal hide’- something for him to cover himself away in. Already we can see the theme building up from this title. There are many images of darkness and light throughout the story. The effect of this is that it emphasizes the theme of goodness and evil and helps to construct Imagery- concentrates on jekylls home.

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Hyde, his name ‘hide’ impression of deformity, murderous mixture of timidity and boldness Like some damned juggernaut, a very big lorry But why?? Colour imagery of red- danger, blood Mentions the baize on the door twice- danger is coming! In the main characters, Stevenson uses physical appearance as a tool for getting across the distinction of good and evil: for instance, Hyde’s pale and dwarfish, with “something displeasing, something downright detestable” appearance More light ‘as he lay tossed I the gross darkness… scroll of lighted pictures, ‘great field of lamps of a nocturnal city’ ‘radience of a foul soul’

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IN contrast to Hyde’s intimidating, unpleasant house Jekyll’sStill looking, go into chambers- rosy glow playing on the roof; more light imagery, domestic warmth adds to atmosphere. There seem to be mysteries and secrets Stevenson’s description of nature adds to the tension, such as the ‘premature twilight’, ominous- warning? Preparation, like a film. Atmosphere ade more exciting, desolation destructive nature of “the biting weather, the thin trees in the garden were lashing themselves along the railing The atmosphere is builded up when pool tries to look for the intruder. the tention is builded up.

Hyde is very uncilvilized and we do not expect what comes next, a kind of pause in the dramaticaction of the scene Mr hyde is shrouded in mystery Stevenson creates atmosphere of goodness and evil by his descriptionsof nature… He also hints at bad things happening . for example, there is red baize on Jekyll’s cabinert door. Stevenson mentions this twice in thestory Minor characters in the story also play a part in reflecting goodness and evil, such as in chapter eight when we learn that Hyde has murdered an old man in a most inhuman, insensate manner. the old man hyde murders… good character.

Serves to emphasise hyde’s wickedness , beautiful gentleman with white hair- pure Moon shone on his face as he spoke… trampling his victim underfoot With ape-like fury Described s insensate cruelty The butler suggests “it” stays there. Not human. Could refer to something monsterous. Reactions- ‘the hair stood upon my head like quills. Towards the end of the story, Hyde gets stronger as Jekyll struggles more and more to fight this character off. Jekyll weaker. Visible in his appearance “had grown pale; his flesh had fallen away; he was visibly balder, appeared scared and worried

Theme of animal imagery develops, Jekyll is a rat, hyde is a hissing serpant Poole says, “when that masked thing like a monkey” links to the ape-like fury More door imagery is used, cobwebs- gothic feel Stevenson mentions the old dissecting room because of macabre- deals with death In the paragraph of chapter two there is the interplay of good and evil, civilization v. primitive troglodyte In lanyon’s narrative we find out that hyde’s touch caused, :a certain icy pang along my blood I could hear his teeth grate

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