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In scenes 9 and 10 the atmosphere was very lively and enthusiastic, I think that this was well portrayed by the actors and that the fact that we were playing children was bought across well, we used costumes throughout this piece in order to emphasis the fact that the play is set in the second world war and that we are playing the parts of children.

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This scene is important because it shows how the children can turn on each other, when Raymond is being taunted by Peter, and Audrey stands up for Peter, this shows how children can side with each other without reason, I think this was well put across by out group because the group we together but then obviously went on to separate sides side of the characters ‘Raymond’ who was doing a headstand and was therefore the centre of attention.

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At the end of this scene, a significant part in the play, when John stands up to Peter, this is very significant to the play because Peter much the popular, leader figure up until this point, no one has ever stood up to him before, let alone his friends. This shows anger between the two boys, this was shown well in our performance because we used the space on the stage well and took the attention off of the other characters, this was difficult because the scene was so serious, and it was difficult for me to stay in character.

The moments of uneasiness and then end of his scene were well put across in our performance because we used actions and motions that made us look uneasy. These two scenes were difficult because the amount of enthusiasm used by children is difficult to capture and hold on to for a long period of time. Also in this scene Boe had to double up characters and become Raymond as well as Willie, this caused a slight problem but was easily over come.

It is interesting in this scene how seriously Peter takes the ‘deal’ that they made, it is almost a hint of adult nature, this maybe to show how maturely the children deal with their situations. The next scene contained the fight between John and Peter, this is very important in the play as it is the part in the play when Peter looses his position as the ‘leader’ and becomes second best and the other characters have another person to look up and start to discuss the possibilities of this new leader figure; who could he beat, what might happen ect.

The fight was very difficult to perform without coming out of character, although I think we performed it ok. At the end of the fight when Peter runs away, there is much significance in Audrey disowning him and changing her mind so fast, this shows how much acceptance is needed in the child’s world. On this part me and Sophie came out of character shortly which was a downside.

After this, when Peter is disowned the children talk about themselves and act almost as if he doesn’t exist. but once they become frightened because of bomb sirens that sound, this is when John refuses to go and see over the top and the children all become scared and cry wanting to go home, this part was not as strongly played as the others as fear is hard emotion to play, but I think it was still very well played.

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