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Like all companies involved in the steel and general metal industry, Nucor Corporation is faced with numerous challenges regarding the environment. To begin with, the corporation has to ensure that it controls the impact of construction processes on its workers and the external environment (“Nucor”). The company is therefore faced with a duty to ensure that its hazardous waste from the steel mills is properly treated before disposal to the environment. In addition, the use of petroleum-based compounds as lubricants is hazardous and needs to be checked.

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This is because some of the compounds may contain halogenated and high molar organic solvents. Apart from the production and lubrication process, the corporation also uses alkaline cleaners, soaps and detergents for cleaning process. There is a major concern over the use of these compounds as they are potentially deleterious (“Nucor”). All the aforementioned environmental concerns call for the corporation’s action towards a sustainable environment as it pursues its endeavors.

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This also comes against a backdrop of stringent environmental and public health policies implemented by bodies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (Johnson, 2008). Both bodies have the powers to evaluate the performance of industries in terms of concern for the environment. Other government policies such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act emphasize the need for proper management of hazardous waste (Johnson, 2008).

These Acts also empower the general communities surrounding any construction or processing industry to know all their rights concerning the environment and in fact provide regulations that govern their rights to a clean environment (Johnson, 2008). From this perspective, it is evident that Nucor Corporation has a lot to do in order to balance between efficient service and product delivery and corporate responsibility as regards the environment.

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