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When The Regent contract out work the contractors may give the work to other people, this is knows as sub-contracting this means that they can make a profit of it. This is bad, as The Regent has to deal with a third company. This can lead to miscommunication, and leading to a low level of workmanship. This ties closely to getting the contract right, if they don’t state that they can’t sub-contract they are well within their rights to do so. The Regent have a policy that the contract states that sub contracting is not allowed, this leads to effective management to prevent the reasons listed above.

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Equipment restrictions The Regent has a policy that the lighting rig must not hold more than 6 ton. This is due to Health and Safety, for example, LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) states that when manual-handling people should not be expected to lift more than the restricted amount. Second the lighting rig may break under more weight than this. The regent set a procedure that prevents performers hanging more than 6 ton, it is the job of Chris, the technical manager, to inform the artists that the technical rider can’t be met; this is to prevent the artists turning up and the contract being breached.

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This procedure is effective because it prevents the regent from facing extensive fines and helps them meet current legislation. Training The Regent has a procedure to ensure that all staff are fully trained. This contributes to the effective and efficient management of physical resources because it helps them meet legal standards. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 state that risks to people’s health and safety from equipment that they use at work be minimised and prevented. By providing training The Regent is managing Physical Resources effectively.

Fire alarm Production doors If there is signs of a fire there is a primary alarm that sounds that informs the front of house manager that there may be a problem, this allows the front of house manager, along with the bands representatives, who may be in control of the regent at that time, to make an informed decision about whether to evacuate the public from the building. If the public are to be evacuated, the regent use a sweeping technique. Each member of staff will be assigned an area of the auditorium to evacuate. Front enterance

For example, two might be responsible for the stalls – sending people out from behind the stage through the production doors, two for the boxes, sending people out through the front doors of the building, and two for the upper circle sending people out through the front entrance. And they will evacuate each section one person at a time.

The regent have a policy to leave wheelchair-assisted people to get out last, this is because wheelchairs can block up the doorways, making it hard for the majority of people to get out, this is because it is better to leave them in a sterile area until a pathway has been cleared to take them out to safety. This makes the evacuation of the regent more effective and smooth, therefore in turn making it an effective and efficient way to manage physical resources.

Overall the fire alarm policy is effective in helping the efficient management of physical resources; this is because it allows people to get out calmly, without people getting injured in the kerfuffle, consequently increasing the number of people who are likely to survive a dangerous incident such as a fire.

Risk assessment The Regent always have to complete a risk assessments for every show that is on there. The purpose of this is to reduce the risks associated with a specific show, and aims to reduce these. A risk assessment may be done by the production company or the artists or bands representatives. However if this is not done the risk assessment has to be completed by The Regent, if the production company has completed one it will be included in the technical rider.

The risk assessment is effective and efficient in helping the management of physical resources because it prevents serious accidents from occurring. If the risk assessment shows that the risks are too great, then the show will be cancelled. An example of this can be applied to the circus of horrors. They put on a show and they had a barrel of liquid accelerant on the left of the stage, and on the right they had someone doing tricks with an angle grinder. This was a fire risk as the sparks from the angle grinder could have gone into the barrel of liquid accelerant and caused a fire. Therefore the show was cancelled.

The risk assessment also contributes to the successful and efficient management of physical resources as it reduces accidents such as a fire, would have been a significant cost to The Regent. License procedures The Regent has to have license holders on sight whenever the bar is open, and also when they play music. Music license holders. The regent as they have to have someone on site who is a music license holder. This is an additional cost if they have to have the staff on site for legal reasons, but do not actually need them to do any work. This does not help the effective and efficient management of physical resources as The Regent have a budget of £250, 000 for this year, they have been told that this has to be reduced be 30% next year. This will leave them with £175, 000. Having to have an extra license holder in site will not help them achieve this target.

Noise rotation. The staff at The Regent are rotated around from their positions, i.e. from front of house to bar staff. This is done every hour, and staff are also provided with earplugs. This will prevent the staff hearing from being damaged, Therefore helping the management of physical resources to be effective and efficient. However the public are there at their own accord, therefore the regent does not need to consider these in the noise rotation policy. Any noise above 80dB (decibels) is unacceptable, also bass carries along, irrespective of how loud the music is, it’s the regents responsibility to resolve this.

Alcohol license holders. The legal requirement for someone to be on site who has an alcohol license could be seen as an inconvenience to The Regent, nevertheless they can get this member of staff to work on the bar, therefore they are performing two roles and being more productive. This helps the effective and efficient management of physical resources as they are bringing in money to the business, this will help them achieve their target to increase profit.


The conclusion that can be drawn is therefore that the management of physical resources is effective. They have some policies that maybe don’t help towards the effective and efficient management, nevertheless there are many that they follow to help them manage physical resources with efficiency and effectiveness, also these policies and procedures help them meet legal requirements. For example, the technical rider helps them to meet the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. In the light of these conclusions, there are some things that could lead to a more efficient and effective management of physical resources. Below are recommendations to improve the physical resources, with justifications through the benefits.

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