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Explain how the different factors of leisure destinations appeal to different types of customers visiting the European travel market. There are many different holiday types across Europe to suit a wide range of tourist types. City resort – Paris Paris is the capital of France and known as ‘the city of lights’ it is situated on the river Seine in northern France. Many types of tourists are attracted to Paris. One of its main customers types is retired couples. Retired couples are likely to be attracted to Paris for the geographical, natural and cultural attractions.

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They are also likely to be attracted to the built monuments such as the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The geographical attractions include the weather as temperatures range from mild to warm. The river Seine and national parks also attract retired couples as there are arranged walks and boat trips. These sites attract retired couples because they are peaceful and are nice relaxing walks whilst being able to take in the scenery and the history of the city. Paris is known for its culinary food, this attracts elderly people to the local restaurants to try new food and experience how others eat.

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As well as elderly people families with teenage children are attracted to the city. This is because of the history that Paris holds within it. Teenage children come to the city to explore the range of different monuments and the history behind it. Teenage children may have learnt about Paris at school and want to experience Paris and get their own views on the city. Paris is known for its fashion therefore teenage girls and their mothers are likely to be attracted to the shops or even visit for fashion week.

There is also Disney Land Resort Paris nearby this attracts many families for the theme park rides. The weather in Paris is mild to warm so it is good for a weekend or short break away. There are many parks throughout Paris this attracts families to have lunch or an afternoon break in the Park and take advantage of Paris’ natural attractions. The economic factors such as low cost flights attract families to visit Paris as they do not have to spend much money. You can also get cheap rooms and food can be found for low cost amounts as well.

Winter sport resort – Serre Chevalier The resort Serre Chevalier has 13 villages, spread over 4 areas: Briancon, Chantemerle, Villeneuve la Salle and le Monetier les Bains, at the gates of the Ecrins National Park. There are great Skiing opportunities in a high mountain atmosphere and peaceful skiing in the mi?? li?? zes woods. There are many different types of tourists that are attracted to Serre chevalier. The main customer type that is attracted to the resort will be a young couple seeking an adventurous holiday.

Young couples will go to Serre Chevalier for the activities that the resort has to offer such as the skiing, the local swimming pools, the restaurants and the bars. Geographical attractions include the mountain ranges and the snowfall, which gives perfect conditions for skiing. The culture that is available in Serre Chevalier is the local Jazz festival that takes place. Young couples may visit this to get a taste of different cultural music. The built attractions is the resort provide perfect apri?? s ski for young couples.

The bars, restaurants and swimming pool are perfect for a relaxing evening. The second type of customer that will be attracted to Serre Chevalier is groups. Many groups go to Serre Chevalier these range from young school groups or travellers. Serre chevalier is good for school groups because the mountain ranges are perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers. Geographical attractions are the snowfall and the mountains. At the bottom of the village is a black slope, which is good for evening entertainment such as sledging.

The built attractions such as the restaurants and the swimming pool allow the school group to either have another adventurous evening to go swimming or to go to a restaurant for a well earned relaxing meal. The jazz festival will also be good for school children to get involved in because they then get a taste of what different cultures do to celebrate occasions. The economic attraction of the resort is that you can pick up a deal in a 2 star accommodation for 300 to 400. Once at the resort the food, drink and activity prices are relatively cheap. Seaside Resort – Malia

Malia is a seaside resort based in the Greek island of Crete. The beach is one of the best on the island, a sweep of deep-piled sand that stretches for miles. The old sector of the village is a charming section it retains a flavour of Greece against all the odds. Malia attracts many types of tourists there main type of tourist is a young group. Young groups are attracted to Malia because of the nightlife is provides. The built attractions include bars, restaurants, and clubs for the nighttime and for the daytime there is a water park and a go carting track for all ages to enjoy.

The natural attractions that catch young groups eyes is the many water sports activities that happen along the beach front of Malia. The water sports are perfect for young groups looking for frill seeking adventurous. Geographical attractions include the beach and the good weather that Malia has. With temperatures reaching up to 25C and with average sun for 12hours a day Malia attracts many young groups looking for a warm sunbathing holiday. Another reason for young groups to go to Malia is because of its economical attractions.

Malia is a cheap resort a week in July can be picked up for 300 –  400. When staying at the resort food and drink are also incredibly cheap with alcohol being sold from 1 a drink and food costing approximately 6 for a meal. The second type of customer that is attracted to Malia is a family with teenage children. Families choose Malia because of the economic factors, the cost of getting to Malia and the cost of living once arriving means families can have a relatively cheap holiday.

The built attractions are perfect for teenage children to be kept entertained throughout the day. The water park and the local swimming pools keep children entertained for hours especially when the weather is hot. There is also the near by karting track this is good for teenage children throughout the day or when the sun is going down and the weather is a bit cooler. The natural attractions that are on the beach such as the water sports will also attract families. This is because families enjoy taking part in activities together whilst on holiday.

Some families may also be attracted to the natural coastline walk, which runs along the coastline of Malia this is a nice walk to do during the evening when the weather is cooler. Staying in Malia means you can visit the cultural attraction The Minoan Palace. Malia also provides a number of restaurants that serve traditional Greek food. The geographical features attract families with teenage children rather that younger children because of the weather. The weather in Malia becomes extremely hot at midday and it is not suitable or comfortable for young children to be out in.

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