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A wide range of people will get to see the advertisement. If the advertisement proves to be worthy the company could make a big profit. The advertisements the business want cost a lot of money. So if the advertisements don’t win the trust of the community then the business could loose a lot of money and go into financial difficulties. Informing people that there is a new business being opened in the area and to inform people about special offers. Direct Mail Internal Gets the message across to the person straight away. Some people ignore it because they think it is junk mail and some people cannot understand it.

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Sending little information that is not important. Internet External Lots of people all over the world (worldwide) will be able to see how the business works and will be able to help the business in a way. People can add objects or viruses to the website, which could ruin the communities, trust for the business. Telling the world all about the business and how it runs. Websites External They are easily accessible, they reduce paper work. They can be changed easily. Advertisements. Intranet Internal Only people in the system can see it so it is secure. They can be easily changed.

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Information for all the people that go on the intranet. Conferences Internal People within the group are the only people that are involved in the discussion. Takes time to organise. People can tell people outside the meeting causing the business to have difficulties if things go wrong. Telling people non – important information. Videos External Very informative, accessible at all times. Easily destroyed. Can get recorded over. Showing groups of people large amounts of information Fax External Telephone (including mobiles) External Electronic data interchange External News Letters External Video conference Internal

Internal Internal Web-Cast Internal Press release External Conclusion In summary, the very human advancement or reversal can be understood through communication. Effective leaders should recognize the importance of good communication. Leadership communication is a strategic necessity. People are the heart and soul of any business, in order for your business to truly succeed. It’s vital that you communicate them effectively.


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