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Since Sainsbury’s to you has been established, Sainsbury’s profits have grown by 6. 4%. Online shopping facility seems to have been a success. Issues a business needs to consider when going online Online supermarket providers need to put in place high security levels on their websites to ensure customers are satisfied their data is kept confidential. Information such as customers’ personal details and their credit card information can be kept secure through the use of the secure server software (SSL).

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This ensures that information can only be exchanged between the customers and the supermarket; therefore no third party can access the data. Pages that use the security system have a padlock symbol on the browser. This means that the website is a registered VeriSign Secure Site i. e. Sainsbury’s is one. The information typed in is encrypted, which means that it protects the information from being disclosed to a third party. This would mean that each time the customer wants to make a booking online; they will be re-required to enter their payment details.

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Customers that use a credit card to make an order are provided with extra security. This is due to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The main credit card companies such as IBM and Netscape Communications are providing other methods to prevent hacking and interception of data which will improve the security of online transactions. Certain online supermarket providers use tracking software to enable them to monitor the customer traffic patterns and site usage.

This software however, does not enable the supermarket provider to capture information that can identify an individual; it is used to develop the design and layout of websites in order to meet the needs of customers. When orders are made online, the provider may use secure server software (such as SSL version 3, being the most recent version) which encrypts all the information input by the customer before it is sent to the Company. Customer details must be kept private and confidential at all times.

However, they can be kept using the necessary precautions under the Data Protection Act. Both online and high street supermarkets have to follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information given by customers in order to prevent unauthorised access to data. Tight security procedures can sometimes request that customers provide proof of identification before sensitive information is disclosed.

The online supermarket providers may share the customer’s personal data with Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd or any Company from time to time forming part of the Sainsbury’s Group fro market research, statistical analysis, and so that the customer can be contacted with details of special offers and products that may be of interest. Once a customer has visited a website cookies will be stored. They are small pieces of information that are stored by the browser on the computer’s hard drive. This enables Companies to provide features such as remembering customers e-mail addresses, so that the customer does not have to enter it each time they make an order.

It is possible to delete cookies from the hard drive if the customer wants to. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but this can be changed on the customers’ browser settings to prevent it. The cookies do not contain any information that identifies any individual. Suppliers: Marks & Spencer’s stock is provided by the suppliers. Suppliers are also stakeholders, the better Marks & Spencer makes a profit, the probability is that the product of Supplier is selling well, and producing profit for Marks & Spencer. The more money Marks & Spencer produces, the more money the supplier makes.

The size of a business can attract suppliers, the more suppliers the bigger the business, customers expect the supplier to produce good quality goods, and the customer also expects the supplier to have the goods in stock in terms of quantity when ever Marks Spencer needs to order Senior management: Marks & Spencer’s Senior Management can be measured to be stakeholders because the interest that a Senior Manager’s main job is to work and communicate with the whole team, they are above Manager’s in the hierarchy of work.

They will be able to take full responsible for manager’s actions whether good or bad, also they are sometimes paid almost double to that of a Manager. If there was a conflict occurred Marks & Spencer will close there account with them. Shareholders: It may sound similar but have a different meaning; a shareholder is a person that as brought has share of a business, for example Marks & Spencer has many shareholders within its own business. They put money in the business and expecting to make a profit from the business. Marks & Spencer’s shareholders often sell their share or divide it in half in the intension of making more money.

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