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Federal government hiring process for jobs in the competitive civil service.

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Most of the federal agencies do fill their vacancies just in the same way most of the firms that are in the private industry do. Usually this is done by letting the persons who are applying to get access to the agencies to get more information on the job that they wish to apply for and also to inquire more on how the job is applied for or the application procedure for the job in question(Linda,2003,p. 123). Unlike in the recent past where large registers were maintained in the office of the personnel manager, these registers are no longer maintained in the current system and however very few positions that have their tests in written form. Also in this current era, the people hunting for jobs do not need any rating from the office of the personnel manager in order for them to be enabled to make applications for the available jobs. Since the processes are said to be identical to those in the private sector, there are still many rules and regulations that are governing the federal employment(Brooks,2003,p.234).

There are two classes of jobs that do exist and these classes are; those jobs that are in the civil service and are usually very competitive, and the class of jobs that are in the service that is excepted. My major concern will be on the competitive service jobs. These jobs are usually in the office of the personnel manager and are also subject to the laws of the civil service(Stewart,2001,p. 87). The civil service law was passed by a certain congress, they work to enforce equity in the services delivered and to ensure that each and every person i.e applicant together with employees receive equal treatment in the process of hiring. The laws that have been put forth provide the officials who are selecting a lot of authority that make them severally check a single applicants’ source just before they finally decide the individual who is the best qualified person or rather candidates and this is purely based on the criteria that are related to the job(Rehr,2003,p.110).

The old methods of applying for a job are usually very tiring and they also consume a lot of time, this can be sometimes very frustrating to people who are new in the process.

The hiring process

The hiring process of the federal agencies all starts by requiring the applicant to have all the necessary information about the federal job he/ she is applying for. These information should be as current as possible because the federal industry keeps on changing the information from day to day(Derrick,2001,p.267). The applicants are usually advised that they should not get information from someone else and rely on them because more often people do come to the federal agencies at different times of the year and as stated earlier on the information that one has should be that one which is very current in the agency. The most current information that one should have is found from the sources that are reliable such as the website(Donald,2004,57).

Then after one has found out the basic information about the job  he/she wishes to apply for he should now look out for the potential vacancies that are there in the field. This is usually done by the applicants by searching the websites and finding the kind of jobs that are available. Many of these federal agencies are usually required by the law to make the job vacancies that are available to be available to the public on line and the vacancies should be out in the public for as long as sixty days or even more(Green,2000,p. 46). Other agencies are not supposed to put their vacancies wide open in the public as seen with some of the agencies that have been described above in this research paper. Examples of the agencies that do not allow publicity include the central intelligence agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and many others that are not allowed by their rules as most of them do which are better termed as the competitive jobs in the civil service(Bentham,2006,p.148). If one has to learn about the opportunities of the employment one has to make contact by visiting their particular websites and most of the websites of the well known companies are easly found because their web addresses are usually the easiest to notice for example for the website of the central intelligence agency and many others of the same kind. Others do give lists of federal lists of many other federal agencies that are available on the web site(Ross,2005,p24).

After one or an individual has identified the kind of jobs that are available out in the field then the next step is to identify or may determine what the you as individual is interested in i.e the kind of job that you are interested in the most. This is done from the number of jobs which you found out earlier in the previous step that were available. You find out what are the requirements for the job which you have interest in, also check when the announcement for the job was made and when will the deadline be for the job vacancy(Rhoderick,2003,p.214). If the job requires you to apply on line or gives you that option then you do so.

The applicant is required to strictly follow the instructions that were given on the announcement for the application to be made. One should make sure that he does this carefully because these instructions usually vary from one federal agency to the other, they are never the same. The methods of getting the application differs from the one that was being used in the past by the various federal agencies. One has to note that whenever additional information is required on the application you have to provide that information because its the information that might help you to clinch the job that you are applying for. Therefore it is required by most of the federal agencies that the applicants should give all the information and he/she should make sure that all the information has been given out before sending that application to the agencies because not so many federal agencies will contact you to ask you for the information that you did not provide on the application(Kimberly,2000,p.345). Most of them will ignore your application because they will take it that the applicant is not serious that he/she is looking for the job. In such cases evaluation of your application will not be done.

There is also the hiring process that is strictly meant for the veterans who are disabled and the following process is usually involved while hiring people who were disabled while on the line of duty(Hillary,2001,p.320);

The process

In the United states, the government has the provision for jobs for the veterans who were formally in the armed forces so that adjusting to the life outside can be an easy thing for them. This is the best way the government of the United states show gratitude to those people who may have suffered some physical injuries and to extend may be they were impaired while on duty. Any initiatives were put in place by the government to ensure that these veterans are put back in their working condition and this is termed as the preference for veterans(Brown,2000,p.129).

This kind of preference has a law that states that if you were disabled while on duty then you stand a higher preference chance in being hired than other persons but people should always note that this does not guarantee one a job. It only makes you or the person who is applying to be eligible for the job in the federal agencies but does not make you to be entitled for the federal job.

It requires however that one should conduct his/her own job search because the federal agencies do exercise discretion usually on the sources that the federal agencies use to fill their vacancies. Other agencies usually use such authorities but others do not oftenly use them at all while others use them frequently such as the veteran affairs department and the defense department in the state(Alan,2001,p.133).

These process requires one or an individual to try as much as possible to make himself/ herself known to the federal agencies together with their officials and this is done by the individual looking for various opportunities and applying for them, only for those positions that are vacant and you qualify for them.

In the process for hiring the veterans who are disabled are usually given preference, the preference for veterans only helps one to be eligible for the federal job and if in any case you succeed to get the job, the preference for veterans will not help you to be promoted but in a way it will help you to stand a higher chance of being retained after you have been taken to work in a certain company or organization especially if the agency is going through a reduction in force, then you have higher chances of retention because those veterans who are disabled are always the last people who will ever be affected by the reduction in force that may occur.

It is worth noting now that these kind of preferences do exist not only in the competitive service but also in the excepted service. And this is usually so when one was out of the armed forces in a honorable way. Because of the preferences, some vacant positions are only open to the veterans who have preferences. Such jobs includes one being a custodian, messengers and also operators of the elevators(Alan,2001,145).

Measures that will determine the baseline performance

The following are the some of the measures that will be used in determining the baseline performance of the chosen process i.e the hiring process in the federal agency;

If an individual has a disability that is connected to service or he found it while in line of duty of about 12% or even more, more points will be added to the passing score that belongs to that particular individual and then the name of this individual will be put a head of those other individuals who are also to get passing scores. In the best way, this was used to be referred to as floating the individual to the top of the list.
Generally the agencies will be allowed only to chose from the top three candidates who are mostly preferred and the suitable candidates should be chosen from those who have preferences before choosing the rest of the candidates who do not have the preferences.
If candidates with preference appears among the top candidates then the candidates should automatically be taken from the top as they are the best people who are suitable for that particular job(Donald,2004,p.123).
If candidate who was not selected believes that he should have been chosen to be at the top as the referred candidate, then at that point the candidate will be taken through the reasons as to why he was never chosen in a particular job test.
And if an individual is a 31% veteran who is disabled then the agency will have to notify the authorities that are concerned with the recruitment for example the personnel managers office and they may decide to pass such an individual over.  Usually there are about fifteen days to get response from this team from the notification day.
Improvements on the current hiring process and best practices

There are new approaches that should be used in hiring process. These approaches that are new are very efficient(Donald,2004,p.142).

The office of the personnel manager should now start to simplify announcement for jobs and also it should design templates that can easily be used in advertising the vacant positions such as the entry level positions. The work of the templates should be to reduce the size of the advertisement and to also to make the information of the benefits more clear for example rather than giving a list of the pay level the templates will  just give out the job advertisement and its salary will be highlighted.
The office of the personnel manager should also launch projects that are better known as pilot projects. These projects will serve to simply the whole process of applying for senior posts such as the executive service personnel so that it may be an attraction to employees who have good experience and the required knowledge and skills. The government has its priority to modernize the hiring processes in the federal agencies.
There should be high commitment and also high participation from the top leaders, this should be experienced  so that success may be in the hiring processes and agencies as a whole.
The areas that need to be targeted are the participation areas while in interviews and also the following up chosen people with prospects of the company
Because of its best practices at work, this federal agency has been chosen by many as their role models and also most of the people do prefer to work with this agency. Some of the best practices are actually factors that have made the American Legion Federal a success and these factors are; the management giving support to the hiring team and also at some point the management gets involved in the hiring process, the agency also has a very strong mission that leads to its success, the agency also uses the hiring tools creatively and lastly the agency is flexible and has a work life that is attractive and a beautiful culture. Too.

One other best practices of the American Legion Federal is that it usually carries out its hiring process in a transparent way and team is also accountable to what they are doing.

There should also be formation of federal unions to ensure that some of the above best practices have been followed.

And lastly, agencies should be using strategic plans in hiring of new employees so that only the best employees are selected.

Some of the measures that will be used include ; finding out if the agency is using the available strategic plan in their hiring process as is required. This is the best measure selected in finding out if all the operation are going on as planned because without a strategic plan nothing can really succeed. Everything has to go on as per the plan.

Another measure that can be used is the mission statement, if an agency has got a good and strong mission statement and is not hiring the right people then definitely one will know that something must  have gone amiss some place. Everything has to be in line with the statement mission given.


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