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The first presidential candidate debate for the election 2000 took place in Boston, Massachusetts on Tuesday October 3, 2000. The two candidates featured in the debate were the democratic candidate current vice- president Al Gore and the republican candidate Texas Governor George Bush. The two candidates were asked to answer questions that fulfilled the publics’ curiosity on topics like the new FDA approved abortion pill, government taxes, education reform, the social security system and our countries foreign affairs.

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One of the hottest topics was the abortion pill that the Federal Drug Administration approved approximately a week ago. Gore and Bush shared different ideas about the pill. Gore is very Pro- Choice. He supports the idea that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body. Bush is still very suspect. The majority of the voting population knows that he is a strong Pro- Life activist, however, he will not publicly say that, because he will lose a majority of his female vote. Discussing student vouchers, Proposition 38, was also on the agenda for the evening. Bush strongly supports school vouchers, but Gore finds them quite frankly, “ridiculous.” Student Vouchers are based on the idea that a percentage of the education portion of tax money will be used for sending children to private educational institutes. Gore and most of his administration are for putting more money into public schools because ninety percent of American children attend public school.

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Another argument on behalf of Gore is that private schools are able to cherry pick students for admission. The social security system and taxes were another big issue. Bush has what he considers an idealistic tax plan. He thinks that a citizen’s annual income should determine how much they pay for taxes. Meaning that if you make under a standard amount a year you should not have to pay taxes and the tax brackets for percentage of how much to pay go down form there. Gore, on the other hand, thinks that the percentage should stay the same, but if you make over a certain amount of money, you should not receive a tax return.

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I thought this was a pretty good presidential candidate debate. Gore and Bush each had their bad moments, but they both got their points across. Gore came into the debate trailing behind Bush, but it ended in his favor. Bush did not have any comebacks for Gores accusations, but Gore proved Bush wrong on every account of what he called “fuzy math.” Excellent questions were asked and in depth answers were given. Gore and Bush had great responses. Also each candidate spoke with great clarity and was very articulate. They answered the questions in an excellent manner to which all the viewers could acquire a great understanding for what they are explaining. I was not to excited that both Bush and Gore had on the same suits with matching ties. The wardrobe took away from the uniqueness of the two candidates.

Without a doubt in my mind, I have to say that Gore won this debate. He started off a little slow but made a tremendous comeback and was too much for Bush to handle. Gore had a comeback for everything; Bush was and will remain speechless.

And the president for 2000 is Al Gore.

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