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A CEO with keen foresight and an open mind for welcoming changes, whether drastic or not, can effectively lead an organization that will explore and make the most of advantages that come along. Information systems are vital to a company’s success in the market. High-quality information systems, then, are worth capitalizing on. To stay connected to the world – the market – and to get timely insights on what is needed by the market will reap huge returns for the company.

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GlaxoSmithKline exemplifies the advantages of being in touch with the world – the customers, the humanitarian movements, the academe, the poor people from third world countries. Its involvement in many endeavors – business ventures and charitable programmes – has made it a highly respected corporate entity that is ever working on better products to heal more sick people and to improve more lives. IVB A specific advantage will definitely be available for the taking for those with the eye for it.

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But then, managers are not motivated to work for gaining advantages and edges for the company when they feel that the company is not giving them the incentives, bonuses and perks that they deserve. The incentive system applied by the company has to be updated to be still useful. If the system is implemented and yet is not getting the expected improved results, then it can only mean that it has become useless and will therefore have to be revised to be attractive, motivating and therefore useful again. IVC

The company should ensure that the right amount of authority is vested to specific managers who also were given responsibilities to work on. When a task force is formed for a specific task, its members should be given the authority to do what they have to do to accomplish the objectives of the task force. Authority with no responsibility attached is prone to be abused. Responsibility with no authority has little or no chance of delivering results. Authority gives one some degree of control and makes available for him the resources – both people and finances – he needs to have higher chances of successfully carrying out the responsibility.

IVD Creativity should be encouraged and nourished to be used eventually in the conceptualization of innovative moves that will help the company improve its products and services. GlaxoSmithKline is a company that gives utmost support to employees with ideas that they want to try out. They have inculcated in the employees’ minds that attempts for innovation are welcomed and are given chances to be tried out and be heard. IVE Companies should continually work on improving the communication and interaction among their employees.

GlaxoSmithKline, for one, specifically inculcates in their employees how important it is to treat people as individuals and how informality enhances communication. These two are among the beliefs that the company adheres to and promotes as true. Open communication lines between management and staff, comfortable relationships among everybody in the company, encouragement for bright ideas and suggestions… All these are applied by GlaxoSmithKline to foster communication within its organization.


The GlaxoSmithKline website (www. gsk. com)

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