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Once this segmentation has been done, a marketing strategy for each segment will be devised so as to win the confidence of the people. The profile developed will provide insights on how the patients perceive this hospital in that once their needs have been identified they will be addressed collectively thus making the patients will develop the sense of belonging and trust to the facility. According to the profile of St. Mary’s hospital prospective customers, there are two categories of people who have similar characteristics and needs.

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One category represent a segment with people who are capable of catering for their basic needs while the other constitutes a segment without ability to meet these needs. There seems to be social and economic needs that have not been addressed something which makes the services at this facility to be underutilized. The high prevalence health problem is an indicator there is adequate market for the hospital that has not been captured.

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Since the market seem constitute a large portion of youth and females it is very vital to come up with services that are tailored to meet the needs of the sub groups. The demographic and psychographic information obtained in this research is true since it is reflecting the real situation in the hospital hence showing the gaps in the marketing of the services that are being offered by this facility. In this facility there is need to come up with a campaign on the services that it offers so as to clear from the people the notion that it is specifically for mothers and children.

Also outreaches must be conducted both to facilitate disease prevention and promotion measures since most of the diseases in the community seem to be preventable. Again it is advisable for the hospital to take their services to the people by establishing mobile clinics. Advertisements on the services offered at the facility should be placed in all the leading media like the TV and radios. It is necessary to carry out further research to find out the factors behind the under utilization of formal health care while heath problems are a big burden to the residents in the area

In conclusion, St. Mary’s hospital can provide the medical services required by the residents in Eastland sufficiently and at cost that is affordable. This is for both those who have adequate income and those with inadequate income for their families References Brian K. (2008). Health Marketing Advises. Fox News, Boston Frank, C. (2007). Fundamentals of Marketing Research: Markerting Across Boundaries. New York: Genesis Press Mark, J. (2008). Marketing Sociology. NY: Rutledge

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