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In various parts of the company, different procedures and software’s are used depending on what type of job it is. For example, the artist of the company would use programs for rendering images easily using professional programs such as Adobe PhotoShop than to use default standard programs such as a graphics package like Microsoft Paint. As for the main office, they would use a computer with high specifications as that has more priority due to all company information stored on the hard drive or in the back ups and the needs of communication.

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The functions of the warehouse are mostly to sort out the stock in chronological order to sort them in order of code so that in future it can be easily be located. The orders placed on their e-commerce website have to be printed off to acknowledge the employee to dispatch the particular order. Orders placed in quantity to up to ten would be handled by the internet and be sent of by the employee. Orders for more than ten, in bulk quantity, would be ensured by the higher authority of the company to make sure the amount of stock going out is correct and to avoid disappointment to the clients.

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The specialized software automatically changes the database if any stock goes out through orders as they are received from the World Wide Web. This also relieves the employees of the company to recount all the stock and also to manually change the records. All the parcels, goods or samples that come in to the organisation, is sent to the warehouse where it is conceded with a signature from the courier and updated on the computer. This also prevents confusion from everyone adding the same item on to their system.

The use of computers in the warehouse would also be in benefit of how they can communicate with clients to double check the quantity sent and to certify that the item is the one specified by the client. Everything that comes in or goes out is rechecked in the warehouse with the system and on paper. The company has organised the network for an efficient workplace. This has been done in many ways. The use of Local Area Network (LAN) is placed using a wired hub.

This connects several subjects through the use of CAT-5 wires to the LAN port on the computer. They also used wireless routers for their general personal digital assistant (PDA) or at times if the employees bring their company provided laptops, which can be connected through built-in wireless network card or an external wireless Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card. This was secured using a random Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) key that consists of arbitrary numbers and alphabets excluding symbols which is usually more than 8 characters.

They could have used a personal password but it would risk an attempt of TCP override by hackers and this may lead to files being shared, valuable information erased, and payment details being taken. For my work experience, I had the advantage to pick the options I was interested in as well as the others did. In this, I opted for big or small organisations; well my higher priority was to work in a big organisation which was well known.

This option was what I was looking for as to I wanted to learn how they use ICT in the real world and what they do in ICT that relates to work and in what ways is it more efficient to do like manually by person or by robot, in this case the computer. In the organisation, there were only three main places. The only places I worked in were generally in the warehouse and at times in the main office. The other area was where the main owner had worked.

The core function of the warehouse was to keep the warehouse tidy and to be able to find an item effortlessly. In the main office, there was a show room for clients to come and view samples of clothes, stationery and other merchandise. Also they had to ensure that there is clear access to the fire exit and a workplace for all the employees with their personal computer (PC). In the workplace, they had to receive any calls from clients or customers regarding to place an order, to give a feedback or to complain with misunderstandings of goods sent.

This was tried to be vetoed to achieve customer appreciation towards the organisation in purchasing again from them. All this was also done by the internet using email where customers sent their payment details and the order placement details. This was protected by company firewall allowing no access to the details whatsoever from the external root other than the office. To be more precise, on how ICT was used generally in the organisation would be similarly used in any department of the company.

Chiefly, the main use of ICT in this type of environment would be to contact clienteles or trade companies via email and also to check updates on business around the globe to check they are doing well and that if there are any intensifying companies as being competitive with this organisation. This allows all organisations to improve on the needs in what they have to do in order to satisfy consumers to buy from them. In the workplace the hardware’s used were PCs only. In the office, all individual employees had their own PCs which allowed privacy between the other employees as to what they were doing.

Although, nothing illegal or illicit could be downloaded through the World Wide Web (WWW) such as images, video or copyrighted documents. This was done by specialized terminal service where a person’s computer is viewable using a protected web address from the host domain on the server and could be monitored as it was not right for any employee to do anything on the computer that is not related to work. The peripheral used very frequently was the printer which was connected by a shared network from the LAN itself. This enabled all the computers to send information to one source for a result.

The printer used was a HP LaserJet 2200 which was ideally excellent for the use in a office where a lot of printing is done for paper work and for customer contact. Also other minor peripherals were built-in the central processing unit (CPU) such as the compact disk (CD) drive and a floppy drive which could be removed. The input devices which were manually used were the keyboard and the mouse. The sound peripherals were the speakers and the sound card, but this had no relation to the job as employees were restricted from music or sounds that could disturb another worker.

Their was also in-built web cams in the Macs which was used to take pictures of products. The organisation used an auction based website which is eBay as another source of selling their products through the use of websites. 90% of the employees were issued an Apple Macintosh as this allowed them to run specialist software created for sole usage for the company which was only compatible with Apple computers. In the office, they had set up a raid server which allows instant backup of every document stored. This worked like what ever copies in to hard drive one would instantly be copied in hard drive two.

So if one of the hard drives was meant to go corrupt, the other hard drive can revive all the information stored on the faulty hard drive. They had also set up a gateway for the staff to edit the official company website, this also included adding stock to out of stock products and to print of any orders placed by customers. This also was protected by a password. This was not accessible from an external internet protocol (IP) other than the LAN at work, this was because of the gateway being hosted on the server.

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