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The Bright lights of Las Vegas are calling your name. Whether you’re in the mood for relaxing massage filled with the sounds of birds chirping in the distance surrounded by waterfalls crashing down to make a noise as smooth as water on glass. Adinner, or swim. Or if your in the mood for a night out on the town full of adventure on the poker tables, the sounds of coins jingling in your pockets after winning the jackpot, or even having tons of memories that will later come back to you light a flash of bright lightening. The Romantic, reality, you’ll reel in spas of St.

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Thomas are the best in the world. The 5-star hotels are exquisite; spending a week inside will still be an amazing vacation. But if it is adventure you are seeking, your options are limitless, from activities such as rock climbing, and parasailing, to scuba diving, and snorkeling. You deserve some time to relax. So give into your tantalizing temptations and book the next flight to St. Thomas where your journey begins. Fact: Too many hours hunched over in front of a computer causes your muscles to tighten which causes you discomfort, and pain.

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Fact: There are several serene spas in St. Thomas, all accomplished in the arts of aromatherapy, reflexology, and massages. I recommend the best spa on the island, the Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Journeys Spa. Although it is somewhat pricey, it is the ultimate relaxation you will not find anything more soothing and serene in the entire Virgin Islands. You deserve a break from the hectic stress and everyday chaos in the office, come to St. Thomas and pamper yourself in the best spa, not in the west. Not into total seclusion and serenity, but don’t want to go all out adventurous?

Try snorkeling. It is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the breathtaking beaches. Get a close look at coral reefs, exotic fish, and other amazing views you’ve only seen in magazines. Fulfill your life long dream and swim with the dolphins. Dive deep and scuba dive among the hundreds of species of plants and wildlife. Spend a day out of the water rock climbing, or go trailblazing through the jungles with or without a tour guide, your choice. You will wake up every morning, look out at the sun rising over the horizon and wonder why you haven’t booked this vacation sooner.

Sparkling spas, and brilliant beaches are not the only awesome attractions that bring people to St. Thomas, the local delicacies and rare restaurants are to die for. The beachfront restaurants most popular dish is the succulent clawless Caribbean lobster, with a tail that is rich in pure white meat, with flavors so strong they would instill Monet with a love of fine cuisine. Another main dish I highly recommend that is guaranteed to satisfy every taste bud on your palate is the freshly caught Mahi Mahi, served island style with aromatic local spices exclusive to St.

Thomas. The morning catch of Yellow fin Tuna, broiled, or baked with the chef’s special Caribbean herb and spice mixture is the perfect way to end the perfect day. And of course you will have to finish off the night with dessert, key lime pie and Caribbean coffee. Dining on the beautiful St. Thomas is a magical whirl of gourmet chefs, local delicacies, open-air beachfront restaurants, moonlit nights, and breathtaking views. You will never find such delicacies as you will find in St.

Thomas, come and experience an array of flavors you never knew existed. Why wait? Book your flight today, stay at one of the many 5-star hotels and treat yourself to an experience you have been denying yourself for so long. Get a massage, a facial, or spend the entire day in the spa getting as many treatments as you wish, causing you instant gratification, relaxation, and serenity. Then, go snorkeling and see what is right below the tide, or scuba dive to explore what is in the depths of the crystal waters.

Spend a day hiking and rock climbing that is sure to arouse your inner adventurer. Finally, end each day with a local Caribbean delicacy, found exclusively in St. Thomas. You deserve a break from the hectic stress and everyday chaos in the office, come to St. Thomas and pamper yourself in the best spas, partake in not-so-everyday adventures, and dine at exquisite restaurants. You deserve some time to relax, so give into your tantalizing temptations and book the next flight to St. Thomas where your journey begins.

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