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Tenure is the assurance and security of a person who is qualified to hold the position that will not be ceased without any valid reason. In connection with “Governance and Financial”, tenure is important to a person if he is planning to manage a school or a university because he will decide whether he will offer or not tenure to faculty members. In public and private institutions, tenured faculty members are paid higher than those non-tenured and they spend more time on academic committees and in publishing and researching for the advancement of the school.

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They could not equal or exceed the levels of non-tenured faculty members because tenured faculty members have less number of classes taught and number of hours in the office. For financial reason, the owner of the school may hire part-time or full-time non-tenure track faculty members because of less salary and more time of teaching classes and to avoid faculty members who are no longer productive and not fit for wok. There are several professors who are willing to work with a university who does not offer tenure.

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The administrator must also take into consideration that scholars are brought about by a high standard academic curriculum together with the efficient methods of teaching. He must also understand that faculty members always search for a better compensation and job security. He must encourage faculty members to establish their careers in this particular institution by giving them sufficient salary and administrative support, opportunities for professional advancement, have academic freedom, reasonable teaching load, available facilities and equipment and develop a harmonious relationships among administrators and faculty members.

It is difficult to manage faculty members who are unsatisfied and with unhealthy relationships among them. Departures can not be avoided unless their needs are being met. The future of the students depends upon the efficiency of the teacher. The teachers must also anticipate that not all their colleagues would become their friends because of employment status. Others may cause him discomfort because others may judge him unsatisfactorily and may hinder his advancement.

He can also expect support from the administrators; he has academic freedom, the right to expression, opportunity for professional advancement and has the right for decision making. He must also be flexible to any service assignment for the school. He maybe assigned to be head of different colleges in that school. Multi-year contact and tenured faculty members together may not create a happy work environment because of their differences in the status of employment. A teacher may also select a non-tenured job in private universities because there are universities which do not offer tenure but render a higher salary.

I would like to learn more about how to avoid politics in the teaching profession. How could the non-tenured professors stay longer in a certain school without being intimidated with senior rank professors? Why do non-tenured professors have more number of hours teaching than those tenured professors, when in fact, tenured professor have more experiences in teaching profession? Why tenured professors receive higher salary when they have less teaching load than non-tenured professors? The three non text references where teacher could locate information about this topic are:

1. www. youtube. comwatch? v=9sko0ypjPTBg (Scott’s stuff – What is tenure? ) From the video of Scott’s Stuff the teacher will learn more about the meaning of tenure and the responsibilities and activities of a tenured professor. 2 . www. alumni. utah. edu/continuumspring03 enure. htm (The Tenure Trek) from the magazine the teacher will learn who are the professors qualified for tenure. 3. www. newser. com/archive-us-news/1G1-147721764/tenure-gives-job-security-to-college-professors. html In the Highbeam Newspaper news, tenure proves that it provides job security.

I chose this topic because I want to help the persons who are interested to put up a school and those teachers who are not particular to tenure. Through this essay the owner of an institution will know his responsibilities to his faculty members and to the institution as a whole in order to have a good repute. References Dimidjian, VJ. LESSONS FROM A FIVE-YEAR DIET OF TENURE-LITE http://www. nea. org/he/tenure. html http://www2. nea. org/he/heta02/images/f02p145. pdf Tenure http://www2. nea. org/he/heupdate/images/vol7no3. pdf

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