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Spending the right amount of money on equipment such as paper, ink cartridges to make sure they don’t buy too many because it might be wasted and this can cause them to lose money, giving orders to administrations e.g. posting out letters to parents, and also the teachers e.g. telling them about when the deadline for a coursework is. Making sure that students are on task, monitoring how well the teachers are teaching the students and making sure that they don’t give false information to the students because this can cause problem with marking and example of this can be ‘telling students to write a coursework about McDonalds when the actual task is about The Heathland School’. they have to find different ways to make it easier for the students to deal with the work given and they do this by giving them extra time to do their work is they are having difficulties and also setting out extra after school classes.

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Supervisors (Teacher) Making sure that the students are up-to-date with what they need to do, monitoring how well they are doing, encouraging them to meet their targets. Making sure that no one is left behind not knowing what to do, they have to make sure that all the information that they give to the students is factual. They have to help the students if they are finding difficulties with the subject that they are studying they also need to make sure that the students are arriving on time and are at school at all times that they have that lesson. They have to mark the work given in by the students and they have to make sure that all the work given is the students own work and is not copied from someone else.

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Employees (Admin) The employees which are the admin have to support the teachers with their work for example if a teacher doesn’t know what task they need to set out to the students than the admin will ask the head of department and then explain the information given by the head to the teachers they will also have to support the teachers if they have a problem with a student e.g. a student is absent for too long then the teacher will inform that to the admin and the admin will inform the head and then the head can decide the outcome. The admin have to be organized because they need to be on time with informing the head, writing down everything the head says when writing a letter, making sure that they are always there and are prepared to help the head if they need help.

The skills and qualities they should have to be successful in their role. Managers (Head of the department)In a school the head of department has to make decisions such as finding ways to improve the students learning taking students opinions under consideration, making sure that they find the work place suitable, organizing lunch and afternoon classes to help students with their progress. They decide whether to exclude a student if he/she isn’t doing any work, or has bad manners.

They make sure that the teachers are teaching the students properly and fairly and they relate that to the student’s progress. They visit classes to monitor how the teachers are teaching. If there is a problem with a student than they call the students parents to tell them what how well their student is doing in school and how they can help them to improve the students work they also do this at parents evening. The head also has to plan trips that can help the students with their work.

They have to make sure that the subject that teachers are teaching are up-to-date at a national standard this is because otherwise the students might not meet the same standards as all the other school and this can cause problems such as not being able to study at a good university and finding difficulties at work. if a teacher is absent than the head has to decide what teacher should be the replacement and s/he needs to be informed about the task that needs to be given to the students.

Supervisors (Teachers) In a school the supervisors are the teachers and se they have to make sure that all the students are meeting their deadlines and they need to mark their work correctly and also make sure that the work is genuine and if it is copied from someone else’s work than they need to inform that to the head of department so s/he can decide the outcome. They support the students with their work and guide them step-by-step with what they want the students to do. The teachers need to make sure that all the work that is given to the students is factual meaning that it is true because false information can cause problems.

The teachers also have to give enough time to the students so they can finish their work properly without rushing. They have to be organized so the work given to the students is on the right time so they have enough time to finish the work and also enough time for all the other times. In the lesson the teachers have to do a register to make sure who is in the class and if there is someone absent then the admin can find that out from the register.

Employees (Administrators) The admin at a school they help the head of the department, they make decisions such as making sure that the work given to them is done on time e.g. letters posted to parents on time and also to post them to the right address. They have to be punctual so they arrive on time with the head of department because otherwise the head might need help and the admin might not be able to help them.

They have to inform the head if a teacher is absent because otherwise the students won’t know what they need to do. The administrators check to see which student is attending school regularly and is making good progress and if s/he is then they decide whether to give them EMA or not. The admin might also replace a teacher if the teacher is absent and so they will have to do the teachers work e.g. explaining the students of the task’ because of this the admin should have some sort of knowledge of the subject that they are working under e.g. ICT, English.

Their quality of work also matters because all the work they do reflects on the head of department and because of that they need training so they can deal with work on time and produce a high standard off work, they need to listen for what the head is telling them to write and what tasks they have been given, they have to be accurate otherwise inaccurate information might be sent to parents or others. They have to be able to work as a team with the head.

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