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In order to help the employee control their emotions, the manager should build a link between the emotions and the stress people have at the workplace. In order to understand stress, it is vital for the cause to be identified after which its effects should be understood and interpreted, it should be categorized and its symptoms should be studied. The emotional pain exists in most of the work environments and it cannot be left unchallenged because it can leave a negative impact on the organization.

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Therefore, it needs to be cured or else it will harm the productivity of an employee. Emotional pain can come from any place and it should be understood. At work, examples of emotional pain can be a result of a boss screaming off at an employee or the uncooperative behavior of the co-workers and this makes the work environment stressed up. Therefore, at workplace it is the duty of the manager to help out the employees and they can do this by doing the following.

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• Help the employees use the pain they suffered in a positive way.

• Help the employees work out for solutions for their grief.

• Help them get out of the pain.

• Managers should themselves be examples for the other employees and should deal with their own problems in a positive way. This would help them to motivate the other employees and they will also learn to handle difficult situations. (Helpguide. org, n. d. ).

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