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“I’ll Google it” is one of the overused phrases nowadays when referring to researching on something or finding answers to questions.

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People depend too much on technology to the point that they choose to accomplish even the simplest tasks thru technology rather than thru the conventional ways. Dependence on technology has its advantages; however, its disadvantages are much more alarming than people think it is.

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II. Body

Before technology was introduced, people had conventional ways of doing certain tasks.

Since there was no easier way to accomplish their tasks, they had to go through the rigorous process because they had no other choice. A classic example is going to the library to do some research. Even before online data was made known, research papers already form part of the requirements in school. However, in order to find the information needed, students would have to go to the library and manually search for the books, articles, periodicals, etc that they would need. Eventually, when technology was introduced, things had become easier.

Technology has brought about several advantages. Along with its development, the lives of the people have become much more convenient. For instance, the presence of internet connection and social networks has paved way for overseas communication to be within the reach of almost anyone. It is also through internet connection that the classic researching has become easier and faster. Technology has also made transportation hassle-free. With the invention of different modes of transportation, moving to and from different places has been less of a hassle.

Technology has become an opportunity for the people to accomplish their tasks, and for some to fulfill their duties, with minimum or no effort. However, together with the rapid development of technology come its disadvantages. Overdependence on technology has imposed a serious threat on the people’s lives and skills. Take the case again of doing research papers. Instead of students taking time to go to the library and search for reliable sources, they would rather check the internet and sometimes be careless and use whatever internet source they see. They would not check whether it is a reliable one or not.

Another negative effect of depending on technology would be the development of laziness. There are times when some well-off people tend to ride their car when going to near places; whereas they can actually just walk. Technology has also greatly affected one’s social skills. For instance, instead of meeting in person, some would just go online and talk through social networking sites. Lastly, the most alarming effect of all is obesity. Most children nowadays would sit in front of their laptops, watch television and text or play with their gadgets all day.

In turn, they lose time to do some physical activities that would balance out their dependence and addiction to technology. Ironically, the development that is meant to help the people in their daily lives has turned into a threat.

III. Conclusion

It is understandable that people depend on technology so as to survive the demands of today’s developing world; however, the conventional ways should not be forgotten. Technology may have brought about convenience but there are still risks upon depending on it too much. It is important to learn how to detach oneself from technology dependence before it is too late.

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