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Letterhead- no extra information will be on this besides the company’s contact detail and the logo to represent the company. I have to make this simple as not just so that it looks effective but I have to look at its purpose. Business card- the business card will be discreet and only include the essential information about the company’s details and that is it. I believe this is important, as the purpose of the business card is to give a professional impression to people but at the same time make sure that the information is clear and understandable.

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Leaflet- this product will include the most details and will be the most colourful and attractive, as its purpose is to appeal to potential customers. It will include contact details and will also include information about the company. To get information for my products so that they look professional I will use both IT and non-IT sources so that I have a variety of information at my deposal. I need all the information that I can get in order to make my products have professionalism about them.

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Software Evaluation I knew I was going to defiantly use IT to make my new products and from my past knew this would be the best thing to do but I still took in to account that even IT has its problems I decided to look what the advantages and the disadvantages of using IT. The disadvantages, which I have named in the table above, are all backed up by this quote. “There are many problems that can occur when you are working with computers. Repetitive strain injury, backache, eyestrain, headaches and skin rashes are conditions, which can occur. By using various devices, correct posture and good working practices, these conditions can be prevented”.

Information Systems for You (Third Edition) Stephen Doyle; Nelson Thornes (2001) After looking at all the advantages and the disadvantages I have found out there are more positives therefore I will IT to make my products and the problems I have found have been overcome by the following.

Eye strain- this can be overcome by just simply using something called an anti-glare screen. Damage to disks- Make at least 2 copies of your work for example floppy disk and the school system. Viruses- there is programs to check floppy disks and data taken off the Internet for viruses. Back strain- this can be overcome by using a suitable chair and taking breaks by gong for a walk every so often.

The system that I was using had a varied number of programs I that I could have use for different problems but to know what programs to use and for what job I looked at the advantages and the disadvantages of all the programs available to me. Below I have shown all the advantages and the disadvantages for the different software.

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